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Help! Im just starting and need a tablesaw

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  • Help! Im just starting and need a tablesaw

    Hi guys, I need a little help, I'm just starting to do some woodworking and I need to buy a tablesaw but cost is a factor I dont have much to spend so I would like to make an educated decision.
    First off, I am copmparing the TS2412 VS TS2424. They only have the 2424 at my local home depot. I know that the 2424 has cast table extensions and a 220 volt motor and a 24" left and right rip and also has the herculift capability
    where the 2412 has stamped steel extensions and has a 12" left and 24" right rip and no herculift. Is there anything else different between theese two models?
    I dont need the left rip capability and cost is a major factor. I'm just starting and plan to build some small bookcases and stuff like that, ill maybe only use the saw 3 or 4 times a week april through september. (the winters here in North Dakota get awful cold!!)
    I want a quality saw, but just cant seem to justify the extra for the 2424.
    By the way does anyone know is the fence the same on both models?


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    Jake is probably better equipped to answer your questions than I am, but I can tell you why I bought the TS2424.

    I shopped around for a TS for a long time before I decided on the Ridgid. To me, the TS2424 offered the most for the $ compared to other makes. There are several makes out there that have the same content as the TS2412 for the same price.

    I like the cast extension wings because they provide a more stable support for the fence. For me, a caster system was a must, and the Herc-U-Lift is the best out there. The TS2424 fence also has a micro-adjust system that is pretty handy. I have been extremely happy with this smooth-running saw.

    This is kind of a flaky answer, I know, but it's all I've got.


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      I'll try to keep this one short and to the point, go with the 2424. As your experience grows you will want the bigger and better saw to accomplish those bigger more complex projects. Moving up is not always an option, getting what you paid for the first saw back when selling it won't happen so now your out even more money buying that bigger saw. From my experience and from what I've read here and on other sites this very well could be your only table saw purchase, better to buy the next one up from your current needs because next week you may need it.
      Good luck!
      It\'s not the quantity or quality of your tools that matters....<br />It\'s all in the firewood that\'s left over.....


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        The three things that convinced me to purchase the TS2424 over the 2412 were the Herculift, cast iron top and the 7" throat plate. By the time you add the Herculift and the throat plate (necessary for cutting dados for bookcases) the cost between the 2412 and 2424 are almost a wash. Plus the 2424 can we wired to run on 240V. If you throw in the "6 months no interest at HD" the difference is only about $50 (provided you pay off the balance within 6 months).

        Those are my thoughts and reasons. Good luck. I really enjoy my saw.


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          Sounds like you guys pretty muched covered it. Both saws are good machines with very similar mechanicals. I would of the top of my recommed the TS2424


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            I have the 2412 and its a great saw. I was ready to purchase the 2424 but ran across a great deal on a 2412 floor model. If had to spend my hard earned cash on one it would be the 2424. The wider fence and herculift makes the price difference between the two mute. Being able to run the saw on 220v is also a great advantage. You can now get the 2414 with added accessories which makes it the saw to get. I hope this helps.


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              I couldn't agree more with the previous advice, particular DCH's observations.

              Understand that what you want to do is to use a construction-type tool to do furniture-type work. You don't want to spend what a cabinet saw costs (reasonably enough), so you want the saw that come as close to the stability, precision and quality of cut as a cabinet saw. Based on my experience with the 2424 (which is limited but growing daily) and what I've gleaned from sites such as this, you want the 2424 for the saw you will be using today and for a long time into the future.