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    What tool/technique do you use that has made a significant difference in the quality of your work?

    I have found that tuning my TS has made the most difference in the precision of my work. I have no prob making *exact* cuts.

    One other thing I haven't seen mentioned but I have used for the last month or so is the software program "Cutlist" (site available on request). Neat little downloadable prog for $99 that makes efficient use of the boards for a project after you punch in the sizes of the pieces you require.

    I'm sure there are a lot of tips & advice you have that maybe you'd like to share.

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    Best thing I have added that has improved my work was the accumiter miter guage. I just couldn't seem to get clean miters before. I still find this to be an area where practice makes perfect.

    I also bought the Cut list software (although I paid a little less, about $50 - pricing is according to how many different parts you will have in a given project). My initial layout on the granfather clock, about $175 in wood, cutlist got it down to $100. Great product, paid for quickly.


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      Yeah, Jerry, I hear ya on the Cutlist prog.
      I just laid out 11 drawer facings to be cut out of a 9"X120" maple board. It showed me how to cut them all out and have a good chunk of change on the board.
      You like the accu-miter, huh. I very nearly bought one, but finally opted for the Incra (rec'd it yesterday). I'm about 20 mi. so. of Dallas (Incra's hdqtrs). Figured if I had a prob w/it I could go to the source. Accuracy on it is awesome. Doesn't have the hold-down the Accu-miter has, though.

      Another thing I really enjoy using is Starret products. All my measuring devices are Starret, including the tape on my TS (2424). Quantum leap in precision. It's incredible how one measuring device will vary from another in all the other brands.

      Good luck on the grandfather clock.

      butcher in TX


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        For critical measurements, the best upgrade I have found was when I purchased a set of Incra rules. I have their straight edge, corner rule, T-rule and protractor. Each rule has micro slots for marking "through" the rule directly to the wood. Not a lot to pay for a precision tool. The only down side is you have to be a little light handed when marking with the 0.5 mm mechanical pencil....easy to break the lead. I got mine here in Atlanta at Highland Hardware.

        The other tool which has helped with both construction and setup has been a quality dial caliper. Wish I had done that a long time ago.

        Wood Dog