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Flip-top support stands

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  • Flip-top support stands

    I just got a couple of the new flip-top stands. Anyone like 'em?, Hate 'em? Any suggestions? I was gonna make some with UHMW on the flip-top,but for $30 thats probably less than I would've spent!!!

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    I like the idea of not having to have rollers behind my TS outfeed on the job (I have an outfeed table at home). My main concern is stability under use. They look like they'd hold up well. I'd appreciate it if you'd report back after trying them out on plywood sheets and other ripping operations as I would buy two in a heartbeat if they work well.
    Kelly C. Hanna<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Hanna Woodworks</a>


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      Dumb question of the day. What is a flip top stand?
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        It's Ridgid's answer to the roller stand....has four legs and a flat, skateboard looking surface that has some kind of ABS-like surface and it can be tilted to catch low hanging outfeed materials (such as 1/4" ply).

        It's design is pretty interesting and would work much better than any rollers behind a table saw....
        Kelly C. Hanna<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Hanna Woodworks</a>


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          Thanks Kelly. Took a look at it and it does look interesting. I really don't see it as anything but a glorified roller stand. Maybe I would think differently if I could actually see one. You guessed it, local HD does'nt carry them, thus the reason for my original question.
          Teach your kids about 30 percent of their ice cream.


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            Went to HD to purchase 2. Only had 1 in stock.

            Bought it. Love it. Beats the rollers every which way (eliminates alignment/height adjustment problems that are inherent in rollers).

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            Rodney J in TX


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              I love it. The roller was a pain in the but, had to keep it fairly close to the machine in order to catch the outfeed before it sagged too much (I mostly use it when planing some recycled cedar off my old deck - now my patio table and chairs - old deck meet the new deck). With the flip top, I can put it a bit further away from the planer, which adds stability and balance to the long boards comming off. The leg system is also much more solid than the roller system and I have found the top surface to slide just as well as the roller.

              I have not used it as an outfeed for my table saw as yet, but I think the larger surface area over the rollers should also add stability.

              Great product Ridgid - get your reps to demonstrate it for some of the HD guys so they can show off to the contractors (my HD guys had no idea what it was as they were opening the box - I probably would not have either except for this forum).


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                Looks like I need three of them then...two for the miter saw and one for the 2400. Can we see about getting more of these in the stores???
                Kelly C. Hanna<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Hanna Woodworks</a>


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                  Just wanted to report back on the stands. I think they work great! I just ran some 12'x 8/4 & 5/4 x 10" oak through the jointer and planer. They worked like a charm, no problems! I did a "dry run" with the boards first to test my set-up.I locked the infeed stand in horizontal position and left the outfeed stand to flip,worked awesome! This lumber was heavy,and it had very little drag on the stand tops. I tried a little Armor-all on the tops to see if it made it more slick,but it didn't last long at all, same with paste wax. A little tip on the planer; use a 48" straightedge through your planer to check and see that your infeed and outfeed tables are flush with the bed inside the planer. I gently lowered the carriage down to hold the straightedge with the rollers,adjusted the bolts,and while I had that in place I set up the flip-top stands to the proper height!(remember,only the very outside of the infeed and outfeed tables contact the straightedge!). Also, I sized a couple chunks of 2x4 to rest under the tables for support as far out as I can put them. I was a little worried about the side edge of the tables resting only on some 10mm bolt heads! I like to purchase the "big lumber" and resaw to save money!


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                    Bought one, about a month ago and love it. Big help in hanging some cabinet doors, TS outfeed and miter saw--just so far.

                    However, having tried one---wanted another---good old HD screwed this up, as usual. Got their initial shipment---sold out and now, for the last 3 weeks, none in stock. Even a great product like this, can't sell if you don't have them in stock

                    Rigid--as they say, it's hard to sore with eagles, when you work with turkeys.


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                      I'm also in the market for 2 of these. I saw a bunch of them at the local HD but when I got back there a few days later, they were all gone with none restocked yet.

                      I, personally, hate the roller stand. Too much futzing to make it work properly.



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                        I have two. I used them for outfeed when I ripped a full sheet of ¾" plywood in half this weekend. These stands are great. I have also used one on the left side to act act a crosscut support when cutting up 8' 2x4's (I don't have a CMS yet) and it was great for that as well as long as you locked it into the correct positioning. I like the surface material since it doens't restrict the direction of the work piece.


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                          If HD does not have them you can order online from Riggid