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Stupid Band Saw Question

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  • Stupid Band Saw Question

    Ok, I have been doing this for a few years, but until recently had not purchased a band saw. Hadn't used one since I was a kid learning from my Granddad in his shop. I won't say how long that has been, but I am old enough to remember helping him assemble his brand new Yuba SawSmith radial arm saw. Still got it too and I love it.

    Ok here is the question. What exactly is the nickle test? Should a nickle stay on end at startup or only when running. My saw has a little wobble when it starts up and smooths out. Nickle falls on startup but if I place it there when the saw is up to speed it stays up on end.
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    It used to be that it was while the machine was running, now it seems equipment can be dialed in so well that it will stand up throughout. My TS2424 saw is smooth enough to stand the nickel through startup and running, but when shutdown, over it went! [img]smile.gif[/img]
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      A nickel test is a way to gloat that you have very well balanced equipment. Table saws and jointers are the most common because they're so heavy. Bandsaws are pretty top heavy and light unless you get a European model. They also have large rotating assemblies and blades that cause vibration. if you have a bandsaw that passes the nickel test, you've got a fine piece of machinery.


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        My Delta Bandsaw will passs nickel test while running since I added a link belt. But not heavy enough to pass it during startup or turning off.



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          Thanks all. I was just curious.
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