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4511 fence problems

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  • 4511 fence problems

    Been using this standard fence without any problems for about 6 months but the last few days have been frustrating.

    I'm within .001 mitre slot to blade and can get the fence parallel to the mitre slot or blade for 1 cut but as soon as I move the fence to another position, it will be out of alignment by as much as .011 to .013.

    Angle iron to granite top bolts are tight.
    Tube to angle iron bolts are tight.
    Tubes are straight to each other and tubes are within .001 thickness to each other.
    Fence tube seems to be straight & flat except for the 4-6 thousand dip around each one of the face bolt holes.

    Any adjustment I make to the fence with the 2 allen screws just doesn't seem to matter once I move the fence to a different position.

    Anyone have any ideas?

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    Re: 4511 fence problems

    FYI Follow-Up

    After disassembling the front angle iron and 2 piece front tube, I discovered the 2 piece front tube must have been out of alignment. Clamped a good straight edge to the tubes and retighten the screws and presto..........good straight cuts in multiple locations.

    Must have bumped into the rail while walking around the saw too many times and thrown it out of alignment or else the screws just weren't tight enough and vibrated loose enough to let the tube move. Anyway, life is good again.