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    I have been in the market for a thickness planer and had considered the ridgid model. In light of recent news about Emerson's discontinuance of their stationary power tools, is there another brand that anyone might recommend. I am nervous about purchasing a Ridgid model without knowing how their support of these products will play out.
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    I don't personally know much about it, but the Delta 2 speed seems to have favorable reviews. That said, I am sure that the Ridgid will be supported for at least the next decade, they are not going to dry up and disappear anytime soon.
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      Two separate answers.... First, the way I have been reading the news is that Ridgid is going to do all of their manufacturing overseas, rather than just the half that they have been doing. Even things like the TS3612 that was "made in USA" had major components (like the fence) from overseas. So I am not writing off Ridgid yet.

      Second, I did get a Delta planer before I learned about Ridgid. The model between the low end and the dual speed. After I had it, I used the Ridgid planer and wished that I had bought Ridgid rather than the Delta. But the Delta isn't bad, so if you are going to avoid Ridgid, ...

      The Delta dual speed allows you to run the final pass with a slower feed so that the cuts are closer and are less visible. When my planer blades need sharpening or replacing, the cuts are visible, but with sharp blades, I can't see the planer cuts. If I can't see the cuts anyway, then why do I need the dual speed? Maybe so I can use duller blades!


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        Had some problems with my Ridgid planer this weekend, the stock was stalling. Close examination revealed that the rollers were still spinning but the stock wasn't moving very fast at all, I had to pull it to get normal speed. I cleaned the rollers with alcohol and still the same problem. Finally I realized that the blades were as dull as a butter knife.
        Flipped them over to the sharp side and now I remember what a great planer this is. They've been dull for a awhile, I didn't really pay much attention. Now it's like a brand new machine. What a great tool.


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          Vigs: You may want to consider waxing the bed of the planer. When I did this, my planer was a whole new machine.

          As for whether or not to buy Ridgid, all inidications are that current products will be supported with parts and service.