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    Hey all,

    I was just wondering how many of you guys have an air filter in your shop. I just bought one last night and oh what a difference. I started it up and let it run forabout an hour and the air felt and looked cleaner. I have dust collection in the shop, but particles still float in the air. This thing just sucked all dust right up.
    The shop was a mess to begin with, having just finished up an amoir for my daughter. Started to clean it up and more dust started floating, but never saw or tasted it. When I was done for the night, just for s!@#s and giggles, I looked at the inner filter and it was filthy. That was just a quarter of the shop cleaned.

    If you don't have one, my suggestion is to run right down to woodcraft and purchase one. The 50-875 is on sale for $250 till the end of the month.