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RIP, my beloved Ridgid (long)

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  • RIP, my beloved Ridgid (long)

    I was shocked to discover today that Ridgid Woodworking has been purchased by Ryobi when we were looking the other way. I called Ridgid to request a replacement extension table for my TS2424 (the one that came with it is not square and thus it makes it hard to allign the ripping fence properly), and was referred to a couple of local service center. Both of them informed me that it will be weeks before they could order parts, because Ryobi would not honor their old Emerson credit accounts and it was moving too slow on approving their new applications. One of them had just gotten off the phone with Ridgid/Ryobi and was so upset with them that he was actually thinking about dropping the Ridgid line altogether. I have had prior experiences with Ryobi customer service and I can understand why he felt that way. I then tried calling Ridgid/Ryobi again to ask that they send me the new extension table direct, and they flattly refused. They suggested that I drive three hours to another service center, and that I bring my TS with me. As a small business owner this was simply unacceptable to me, because my shop is particularly busy right now and doing what Ridgid wants would mean that I'll lose my means of production (and thus my livelyhood) for an undetermined period of time with no compensation whatsoever. To make the long story short, I swallowed my pride and paid the $87 + shipping for the new table extension as I figured this was the only way to get the TS squared away fast without interrupting my business. I must say that this was the worst customer service experience ever, and that apparently lifetime warranty might be a thing of the past. If anyone from Ridgid/Ryobi is reading this post, be warned: I had been a loyal ridgid customer for 15 years, but I will buy Ridgid again only if the Pope becomes a Protestant. As I don't see this ever happening, the most appropriate thing to say at this point is goodbye. I am sorry for the long rambling, but I am extremely upset right now and needed to get this incident off my chest. Take care everyone!

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    I'm sorry to hear that.
    Andy B.


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      It is amazing to me that Bob, the new Forum moderator has not said a word about this whole thing.

      Jake was on the forum, ACTIVE at least once a day.

      Makes me consider the new TS 3612 I have sitting in a box in my garage. Maybe I will not put it together after I move and I will simply return it to HD.

      -Peter W. Lent<BR>PMi Solutions<BR>


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        Thanks for sharing your unfortunate experience; it portrays a rather discouraging outlook.



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          Hey Ridgid ...
          What do you have to say ? Hmmmmmm ?


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            YEA BOB!!!

            After all the positives I have tried to give everyone, you have been too silent in all of this. How about stepping up to the plate and giving it to us straight?

            I've invested over $5000.00 in Ridgid in less than a year. (Alot for someone who makes 20k a year) Mostly because of the warrenty, service, and reputation. The starting post to this thread sure shoots all 3 in the ***. And all of the other speclitory posts lately, you have been silent.

            Attitude seams to be amoungst the community here to drop Ridgid, and purchase another name. Don't you care? Or is that what Ridgid really wants? For us dedicated Ridgid Woodworkers to just go away?

            In todays cut throat business tactics, it would surprise me none. But at least be man enough to come forth with it. Or are you just another brown nosing, back stabing greedy exec with no morals or human compasion?
            John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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              It seems to me that if they were making "honorable" decisions they would not hesitate to let us know what is going on. The fact that they have barely said anything can only lead me to believe that they are "screwing" their loyal customers.

              I guess that I am glad that I did not have enough cash on hand to buy every tool that I wanted because now I would be stuck even more Ridgid tools than the 4 that I have. Great tools are only as good as the service that you get after you buy them.

              I really hope I am wrong about this, but I find it hard to trust someone that is being so very secretive about what is going on.


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                Wow, that's sad. I can't imagine any transferral of license going perfectly smooth, but this is ridiculous. Makes me wonder if I should spin up the ebay page and start listing fast before the rest of America finds out about this problem. I sure don't want to go through this myself. Sure glad I didn't buy all the replacements for my shop tools yet.

                This whole thing is making me sick. I came to the site tonite to gloat about my recent contest I'm worried about getting parts on warranty if I need them. I don't mind saying this sucks.

                Especially bad is that not one word from anyone employed by Ridgid has hit these pages...maybe we're on our own and the factory reps have hit the high road...another danger sign. Way to go're well on the way to alienating an entire industry!
                Kelly C. Hanna<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Hanna Woodworks</a>


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                  Kelly, What contest did you win?

                  The warranty troubles are a bad sign. I had great service from Ridgid (when they were Ridgid).

                  BDueker told us on 5/8:
                  To all the loyal RIDGID customers that have purchased woodworking power tools, rest assured that the warranty will be honored and repair parts and service will be available. The RIDGID brand is a highly valued Emerson asset, that is and will be vigorously protected.
                  I thought about buying a bunch of tools before they were "Ryobized" but now I'm having second thoughts. I figured that the pre-Ryobized tools would be worth having if the warranty was upheld.

                  To me Ryobi is like Chicken Pox.
                  I've had 'em, I got over 'em, I'm immune.

                  I guess the forum is next to go. And I just got my stars


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                    Hi Woody, your post challenging Bob to explain why Ridgid is giving us the stiff arm was right on. The most disturbing part of my conversation with the repair shop guy I mentioned in the original post was that Ridgid/Ryobi seems to be taking all the necessary steps to push away service and part dealers away, and let's face it, they are the people that make the warranty part work. The man was upset for three main reasons: the change in ownership of the Ridgid brand came with no notice whatsoever to the small dealers; that after nearly a month his credit application was still being tossed from desk to desk (why they wouldn’t honor his Emerson account is a mystery to even the brightest minds); and that the highly regarded Ridgid rep he had been working with for years had promptly been fired after Ryobi assumed ownership. There is a pattern evolving and it doesn't look reassuring: the people that made Ridgid what it is are being pushed away and replaced with Ryobi people.

                    I am not a naïve guy; I understand that today’s interconnected world makes it easier and cheaper to shift production overseas. I wouldn’t say that foreign manufactured products are necessarily inferior to American-made tools. I do have two Ryobi 3x21 belt sanders that are just as indispensable to my shop as my P-C sanders. But I grew up in communist Eastern Europe where people associated the Made in USA label with the ultimate in quality, the can’t-be-beat gold standard, and prefer to stick with it, at least as far as tools are concerned. If this Ridgid/Ryobi experiment is to succeed in maintaining the Ridgid brand reputation and its customer base, it would make sense to keep around the people that made Ridgid what it is. Firing reps with established credentials, alienating long-time service shop owners, and creating doubt in the minds of loyal customers like the people on this forum is not the way to do it. But then again, why would a multi-billion dollar corporation care about the opinions and desires of a small nobody like me?

                    [ 05-28-2003, 03:10 AM: Message edited by: Vincent ]


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                      Vincent -

                      Amen, brother !


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                        Alright fellas, I understand the anger, I'm in the same boat, I just bought many Ridgid tools myself. But Consider what it would be like to be in Bob's shoes: Just took over a new job at a bad time, not sure if you'll be keeping your job for long, nobody's telling you anything. Of course I'm presupposing all of this, but it can't be easy to be in Bob's position right now, and he hasn't done anything wrong, and he's probably right now saying that he doesn't need this S*#t in his life, and what is he supposed to say without getting fired?
                        Let's just keep the flaming focused on Emerson corporate.
                        Just my 2c.


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                          Speculation: From what I've seen in the company I work for...

                          Loyality, dedication, and years servered means nothing. It's all about the dollar.

                          Bob got demoted, and is trying to keep a job. None the less, he took the job, and he has responsibilities. To us, as well as his employer. If he can't spit a word out without the ok of his employer, than what good is the job, or his posistion?

                          Either **** or get off the pot Bob. Do the humane thing and talk, or walk. You must have some kind honor in you!
                          John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>