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Spaying polyurethane

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  • Spaying polyurethane

    Anyone out there spray their poly on their projects?? I have just purchased an HVLP gravity fed gun and want to spray my son's new bed otherwise I feer I will be out there all day putting it on with a brush. My question is what size nozzle do you use in your gun? The gun I purchased has a 1.4 will this be enough. Minwax does not recomend thinning their poly out so I'm leary about doing so. HELP!!!!!

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    In my experience you need to thin almost everything that gets sprayed out of that type of equipment.

    If you thin with the proper product you can thin as needed. You may have to spray several coats to get the right coverage, but it's still better than brushing.

    As long as I can still buy laquer, that's my choice for interior. It sprays nicer, dries quicker and is more forgiving on mistakes.

    Just my opinion. Others may have more knowledge in this area.


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      Not sure what the needle size is but it is the gravity feed HVLP gun from HD that attaches to a standard compressor (i think its a huskey). It does a nice job spraying the Minwax product. It looks a bit like orange peel when it is wet but let it dry it will smooth out perfectly, don't be tempted to add more paint as you will get sags. I would suggest that you get a dryer for your air hose line or you will get 'fish eyes' in your finish. They are small shiny spots caused by water droplets.


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        Are you talking about a moisture seperator that mounts right out of the compressor? I checked the nozzle size on the husky's and they were .055 so I went with one from grizzly that came with a 1.4 nozzle. I think I'll just do so test pieces and see how it works. It seems that most people that spray use laquer so I don't know yet what I'll use.


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          Not sure as I have not yet solved my problem but I am looking at something like this from campbell hausfeld

          seach for PA2085
          I have seen a cheaper unit that is only the desiccant dryer but can't remember where at the moment


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            Well I finished sparying my boys bed this weekend and I must say other than the lack of light in my retractable spray booth and getting use to spraying over useing a brush it went pretty well.I was especially impressed with the HVLP gun I bought from Grizzly it sprays poly very well with out thinning it out. I think I will try shooting pre cat lacquer next time just to see how it works. Just incase anyone want's to know the nozzle size on the gun is a 2.4. I know there are a few people out there who use poly so just an F.Y.I


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              1. Sandind sealer
              2. Lacquer

              With lacquer you have to spary thin coats.

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              Andy B.


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                If you can find a pre-cat sanding sealer even better. Just remember not all Lacquers are made the same. There is a lot of variations from brand to brand when it comes to flow, adhesion, blushing, and dry time. Needless to say I don't get my Lac from HD.


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                  I've had pretty decent luck spraying Fuhr and Target water-based polys and lacquer. The water-based products have improved significantly over the past few years. I've bought mine at .


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                    I stick with Mohawk Lacquers and stains. They sell their products in bulk and aerosol so you can get an off the gun look without a gun or for touch up work and the product is the highest quality i've ever used.