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  • jig saw?

    I need a new jig saw. Has anyone purchased the rigid 3821 and can you compare it to the bosch products?

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    sorry, I have not but I am thinking of buying one as well - can you let me know how it goes - it seems like a great deal.

    Mick Chambers<br />Keller TX<br />


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      I've used both and prefer the Ridgid. I needed to cut about 15 simple balusters for a deck out of 2x6 fir. I bought the bosch. It took about 15 to 20 minutes for it to cut one. I returned it and took a chance with the ridgid. The ridgid cut each one in about 5 minutes. The bosch would bog down and stall if I'd push it.


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        Barrell, I have the Ridgid R3120 and find it to be an excellent jigsaw. I replaced my older saw to allow for cutting thicker wood and maintaining a 90 degree cut angle. The R3120 maintained a close to 90 in 2" cherry. The jigsaw fits well in my hand and is comfprtable to use. The saw has lots of power and cuts fast and smooth.
        Is the 3821 a new saw or were you thinking of the 3120?