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Question for TS3660 owners

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  • Question for TS3660 owners

    I bought this saw last year mainly because of all the positive things that were said about it on these forums. I have been very happy with it but encountered a strange problem today, where a piece of wood I had made months ago to fit perfectly under the left wing (in order to have a flat surface for clamps to sit while using the table saw to glue things flat) suddenly wouldn't fit. It appeared that the sheet metal of the stand was flared out at the front of the saw where the stand is bolted to the cast iron top, preventing it from sitting properly. I thought I must have bent it while moving the saw but then I noticed that the profile of the metal is the same on the right side too (but only at the front).

    Can someone please tell me whether their saw is like mine or whether it is flat all along the side of the top edge of the stand? I am going crazy trying to figure this out.
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    Re: Question for TS3660 owners

    Nevermind, I figured it out (although I feel kind of dumb now). I was gluing the back onto a case and in desperation to get the middle to to sit flat, I put some clamps in the spreader position and pushed off the basement ceiling.