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    Would someone comment on the advantages or disadvantages of the TS 2400 direct drive as opposed to other saws belt drive.

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    There are advantages to both, but the better drive system is a belt drive. Its quiter, smoother and will last longer, but its heavier and requires more adjustment. The gear drive system (many people call it a direct drive) thats on the TS2400 is lighter and more compact lending itself to be used on the jobsite saw.

    If you are trying to choose a saw and are looking at the differences between a large cast iron belt drive saw and portable gear drive jobsite saw use these rules of thumb. If you are purchasing the saw for use in a shop, go with the cast iron saw, the larger table and heavier machine will serve you better in the longer run. If you feel that you will be moving the saw to different locations on a regular basis, definitly go with the jobsite saw. Its lighter weight will make movement much easier on you.