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    Can you tell me what features to look for in a scroll saw? I am a novice woodworker and I envision starting out by making some basic christmas ornaments and stuff like that for the family this season. I do however want to branch out into some more complex work eventually. Are there different models by ridgid? What features are a must have? I've seen Delta's that go for about $120 and then Dewalts for $400+ What makes the price range so different?

    Sorry about the barrage of questions. Just trying to sort it all out.

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    You may want to check out this site for information on scroll saws.

    This guy seems to be quite involve with them.

    I have read that Ridgid is the only tool free scroll saw around. Although I like Ridgid tools I ended up with a recondition Delta for $90 (model 40-540) only because I do no know how much I will be using a scroll saw. It seems to me that the scroll saw end of the wood working hobby can be in a class by itself.

    I would suggest if you want to get into the scroll saw hobby, research the saws and do not buy some cheapo saw just for its price.

    A good saw with tooless blade changes, variable speed, tilt table(left & right), heavy base to help with the vibration,type of arm, etc. should all be considered.

    Good Luck.....Scott