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Ok, I do have a few questions about the outfeed table

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  • Ok, I do have a few questions about the outfeed table

    Bob D said if I had any questions about the outfeed table to ask. Not sure where to ask so here it is. 1) Does the miter slot that I put in the outfeed table have to be a real miter slot or is it just for clearance for when the miter bar slides forward. Do I have to dado it and mount a miter track in there? I would think this would be hard to line up with the track that is in the table saw. 2) What type of connection is made where the adjusting bolts meet the underside of the outfeed table? Are they threaded into some type of T nut like this?

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    Re: Ok, I do have a few questions about the outfeed table

    There are a few ways to accomplish what you want to do, here's one. Build the outfeed and mount it to your saw. Once you have everything where you want it and lined up, take a straight edge and, using the saws miter slots as a guide, mark where the slot should go. Remove the table from the saw and using a router route out the slots. As long as the new slots will accept your miter gauge you really don't need to install t-track but unless you want it.
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      Re: Ok, I do have a few questions about the outfeed table

      I made the slots in my outfeed table wide enough to clear the miter bar, they do not provide any guidance for the miter bar since as they are well past the blade I didn't see the need.

      If you have more question maybe place them in the outfeed table thread so they will all be together. That makes it easier for the next guy to find the answer to his question which might have been asked by someone a couple months before him.
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