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  • Real Deals at E-Bay!!

    After trying in vain to buy a TP1300 at my local HD, I desided to try E-Bay.
    What great deals are to be had there!!
    A used TP1300 is going for a average price of $260.00 without stand, wrenches or extra blades.
    If you add in the shipping and the cost of replaceing the missing parts, you spend more than buying a new machine!!!
    Theres one born every minute...
    Rob Johnson
    Orange Ca.
    Just tilt your head a little and it will look straight!

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    You think that's bad?

    Do a search on Ebay for Dust Collectors!

    What was once a decent place to buy/sell items has turned into a get rich quick gimmick for the scammers from the poor uniformed buyers.
    John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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      It's amazing how the really good deals that used to populate ebay have been squeezed out by tool schiesters (SP?) who buy in bulk and sell right at the same cost we pay at tool stores, then overcharge for shipping. I waded through about 950 laptop auction pages before I found a really good deal for the wife. Got a licensed Dell tech rebuilt unit for a lot less than others were charging for the same thing.

      The deals are very hard to find for sure...Caveat Emptor has never been a more important watchword.
      Kelly C. Hanna<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\">Hanna Woodworks</a>


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        I have bought some things there that were a deal, but it was a while ago. Mostly Antique Furniture and parts for my house I couldn't find anywhere else, like Gas Lights.
        I was watching Router Tables and they were going for more that new price,even the Craftsman tables, so I ended up building my own. Seems like most tool listings are by dealers.

        Rob Johnson
        Just tilt your head a little and it will look straight!


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          I am not sure you can blame e-bay sellers for this, I blame frenzied bidders who do not have a clue what things are worth. I do not bid on items with vague shipping costs or more important handling costs.

          I have bid on items where I was the high bidder for 4 days at a good price and then the snipers come at the last minute and bump you out.

          My two purchases have been reasonable. I got a Sokkia auto level and Hitachi twin-stack compressor. I look at the sellers ratings/feedback to decide whether I want to deal with them. I bid on a couple of items that kept coming up reserve not met. I e-mailed the seller and asked why he did not show reserve or set a minimum bid close to it. He sent back a rather ugly reply that I have been thinking about unloading in response to. Funny thing, both of his items did not get a bid up to his reserve and he had the nerve to e-mail me that I was close after the auction and maybe we could get together on it.


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            Have to agree with you Bob, there is alot of people out there intrigued by the bidding, and some get carried away.

            But I still say some of the sellers out there are just greedy and are taking advantage of these buyers.

            (No offense to the honest sellers)

            When I've sold things for a reserve, I set the first bid 1 cent below reserve. I also set a buy it now price for someone truely interested. Doing this often brings more than normal bidding,if someone truely wants the item. But it does give them an option from the snipers.
            John E. Adams<br /><a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a>


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              First, having sold a few tools on e-bay----aside from an honest listing---I just sit back and watch the bidders get the "fever"! I sold a benchtop drill press----two guys got in a bidding war and the "winner", after adding actually shipping costs, ended up paying within $10 of brand spanking new.

              But, as to what I call the "swap meet sellers", yea, there are getting to be entirely too many. As was said, they buy junk in bulk (or---it fell off the truck) and then list the darned things at least once a day, so they may have several listings on the same search----try running a search on drill press and 80% of the adds are for $40-50 "bargins." Gets hard to find actual good deals from individuals.


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                Dave and Woody are right. I didn't mean to disagree about some of the "swap meet types". I should have said "you cannot blame all e-bay sellers..." It is frustrating to browse and find the same junk listed 20 times. Woody did his auctions the way that seems to make sense to me. I have not sold anything yet but I am about ready to give it a try.

                The Makita cordless set that I bought just before Christmas that was discussed on one thread needs to be turned into $ to pay for other toys. I think it would be nice for a swap/sell section here but can understand why our benevolent hosts would probably not want to do it.