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    What blade to use for ripping maple stock? I have a Oldham ATB 24 tooth, stock Ridgid 40 tooth, Freud 60 tooth (ply wood, cross cut), and a 40 tooth Pro max ATB. None have a raker tooth, I got a pretty good deal on the Maple, but I never machined solid Maple before and don't want much waste. Any suggestions, or observations from you experiences?

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    Don't use the 60 tooth unless it's a finish cut. Either the 24 or 40 would work as long as they're sharp. (24 would cut fastest, but would also leave the roughest edge.)


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      If it's thick stock, I'd use the rip blade. If it's only 3/4's or so, you could probably get by with one of your combos if you don't want to change blades. (I have a Freud LU84R011 50T combo that rips as well as my 24T rip blade for anything 1" and under - over that thickness, I use the rip blade) I haven't used either of your 40T blades, except for some limited experience with the Ridgid one, so I am not sure if they'd work as well as my Freud. If you're in doubt, the rip blade won't hurt anything but may leave a rougher edge.


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        Right now, I use the Freud 24 tooth rip blade they sell at HD's....soon to upgrade to a glue line rip blade.
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          I'm with Kelly, for a recent hard rock maple project ripping 8/4 7' long, the 24T freud from HD was the way to go. Even then, due to poor drying techniques, as soon as the maple hit the blade it twisted, and locked itself on the splitter!! Ever had a breaker go on a TS when the blade has been stopped by a piece of wood?? Just part of my learning experience, I guess