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    I have a rigid jointer I purchased a couple of years ago and for a while it worked great. However, recently, when I joint a board, the machine does not seem to help. It appears to take more material from the leading edge of the board than the remainder. I have tried to make sure the outfeed table is level with the knives and the try to keep the board flush to the fence. However, no success. What's up?

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    Outfeed table level with knives, is too high. Dave's patented "two easy steps to jointer nirvana", granted to you for use, royalty free...

    1) Lower outfeed table until a noticable snipe is taken on the trailing edge.
    2) Raise table in very small increments until the snipe just disappears. Then lock.

    Just that simple.



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      A quicker and easier way is to edge joint only the first few inches of a board,then shut the machine OFF. Keep those first few inches hanging over the outfeed, and slowly raise the outfeed until it contacts the first few inches that you jointed. Also, I use a feeler gauge to make sure the board is flat on the outfeed (.0015). Run the board through all the way,and keep messin' with it 'til ya get it!