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Another R4511 Vibration issue

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  • Another R4511 Vibration issue

    I have been trying to chase down a noise in my new 4511. When the blade is at 90, I get a very consistent noise probably 2-3 times per second. It seems to take a few seconds from when the saw spins up to occur. It is the worst when the blade is all the way up or all the way down and it progressively gets better as the blade move towards 45 degrees. At 35 degrees on, it hums nicely.

    Some of my efforts:
    -I have replaced the belt with one from Mcmaster-carr. It's slightly better but not by much.
    -It happens with or without the blade installed
    -The motor without the belt installed makes no noise.
    -During the noise, I can see the belt vibrating.
    -I have also traced the noise of the vibration to the bracket where the pivot screw is only on the back side away from the motor door.
    -I have aligned the pulleys several times to no avail.

    The instructions on moving the motor in or out are clear as mud, can anyone enlighten me?


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    Re: Another R4511 Vibration issue

    How's the arbor...bearings, flange, arbor washer/nut, etc.?