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    I purchased the saw/cart combo a month ago for an upcoming kitchen remodel, started this job on Sat and used the saw extensively accomplishing all of my shop work on site. I had some problems keeping the blade 90 to the table during operation and was finally forced to rig the adjustment so that it would not move. In more detail, when I lock the blade angle I can still very easily move the adjustment knob and see the blade come off 90, also had the fence move twice during a cut. The other problem I had was ripping oak stock for the countertop edge. This saw had a pretty rough time going through this 2" stock even feeding very slowly the motor was working way too hard. On the bright side I do like the portability and it did excellent ripping full sheets of 3/4" I plan on exchanging this saw for another. Anyone have any ideas, btw I did the exact set up procedures twice so I don't think this was the problem. Also btw I think the on/off should be bigger easier to get to, maybe on the right side?

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    Errr, I mean left side


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      I don't believe that there is necessarily anything wrong with your saw. It just sounds like some adjustments are needed. First if the bevel adjustments move, the bevel lock needs to be tightened. One the rear of the saw just below where the blade guard mounts, is a nut. Tighten that nut a few turns. Now lock the bevel lock lever and check the bevel knob. It should take a very significant amount of force on the knob to overcome the lock.

      If the fence moved it too needs an adjustment. At the rear of the fence there is a 1/2" nut. Tighten that nut down a couple of turns. Check and make sure the fence can be removed without any trouble then lock it down. The fence should lock down so tight that you can pick up the entire saw with it (thought I wouldn't recommend it).

      Finally, if you were having trouble ripping check and make sure the blade is aligned with the miter slot. I really doubt that it is a motor power problem. If the blade is not parallel to the miter slot (and the fence isn't either) that can seem like there is not enough power. That motor is a 15 amp motor which is the largest that you can put on a tool that will still operate on a standard 110v circuit.

      I hope this helps