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  • Jigsaw question

    Strange thing to ask about but...I just purchased (Wednesday) a new Dewalt Jigsaw 321 model. Supposed to be the best they make. The blasted thing seems to cut on a permanent 1 to 3 degree miter. I have adjusted the base, tried different blades, different woods and the cut has a constant small miter. I have a 10 year old Skill jigsaw that would occasionally do that if I used a cheap blade and was putting too much pressure on it while going through hardwood like maple or oak. As is even after 10 years of use and abuse this Skil model that cost $100 less is out working this new one.

    I have about 4 quilt racks to make before Christmas and had hoped this saw was going to be the 'berries' but am ready to take Dewalt up on their try it and return it policy. This is actually the first Dewalt tool I've bought as the rest of the shop is Ridgid, PC, Delta tools.

    Any Ideas?? Is this just a bad one or something specific to this model.


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    I have personally never been a big fan of dewalt. they are made by black and decker (to dewalt specs of course), and for the money you spend, you can usually get a better brand for about the same. dont get me wrong, dewalt products are quality products, but in my opinion they are not worth the money. I personally have never used this saw, but i own the milwaukee orbital jig saw and believe me when i tell you that it is incredible. no matter what i cut is is accurate and like a hot knife through butter.

    if i were in your shoes i would take back my dewalt and buy the milwaukee.



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      they are made by black and decker (to dewalt specs of course)

      Umm, Black and Decker -owns- DeWalt, has for years...

      I've use a DW321 briefly, its performance underwhelmed me.

      The designer of the modern high-end jigsaw is Bosch, and they are still at the top of the heap. With them, in my opinion, is the Milwaukee mentioned by SBS, the Porter-Cable 9543 (a sweet machine hampered by a difficult to use blade release), and Festool, which has to be nice to justify the $250 pricetag). For much less than any of these, Freud makes a good machine.

      One of the differentiating factors is ease of blade changes. Definitely go through a few cycles of insert and remove before purchase.



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        Its too bad your first DeWalt experience had to be with one of their jigsaws. Dewalt, IMO, makes many fine tools but I don't think their jigsaws fit into that catagory. I reached this conclusion not from personal experience with one of their jigsaws but from reading about others personal experiences.

        My experience has been mainly with the Freud FJ85. I use Bosch Progressor blades with it. The combination of the two, again IMO, make for one of the best jigsaws you can buy. You can usually find the Freud selling for under $100.
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          the one of many things i like about my milwaukee is the ease of blade change. probably the easiest out there in the "T shank" catagory. its power is awesome too! sorry about the misinformation on the dewalt/black and decker comment. i thought one was made by the other, not owned by the other. my mistake