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TS3612 Issues -- Is Ridgid Listening?

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  • TS3612 Issues -- Is Ridgid Listening?

    I have gone to my local Home Depot with the express reason to BUY a 3612 table saw. I've been there twice, and both times was told that "it's somewhere in the store" but no one can locate it. I'm starting to wonder, how is Ridgid going to make money on this saw when it's not moving off the shelves. It's one thing if the advertising is not good -- but in this case the advertising is good. Lots of people are trying to buy this saw. But the hold up is in the retail locations. That's ridiculous. Is Ridgid going to do something about this?

    I'm going back to Home Depot again today to see if I can get my hands on this new saw...will tell the tale later...

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    After countless trips to my HD looking for the 3612, one of the clerks offered to call me when they arrived. (Our local HD hires weekend clerks who seem more knowledgeable and interested in being helpful than the weekday clerks - who appear to have failed at the McDonald's training program. Try working with one of the weekend warriors...)

    I saw the TS3612 on the top shelf a couple days before my weekend warrior called me - but he did. No problem buying it, despite the sales slip saying TS2424 (HD is using the same SKU for both), and the TS2424 is still the only one being displayed.

    I am switching from RAS to Table Saw so I don't have a lot of TS experience for comparison, but the TS3612 is great.


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      Well, after another trip to Home Depot, things got a little more strange. The store has SOME of the TS3612 available, but not all of it. I think the saw body was available, but not the fence. I'm not sure if this was the case, but the point is I could not buy the saw.

      One of the Home Depot guys tried to tell me that the fence is the same as the TS2424, to which I said, "Absolutely not!"

      He also said that the price of the saw is $499 -- which I also know is not true.

      Well, another trip coming home empty-handed.

      Should I just go and buy the Delta?

      Again -- IS RIDGID LISTENING?!?!?