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jp6100 fence problem

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  • jp6100 fence problem

    I noticed a post on the issue of the fence moving when locked and the Ridgid response was for the designers to fix the problem. what is the result of this?

    [ 12-29-2001: Message edited by: Andrew Benedetto ]

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    The 45ยบ forward stop was changed to keep the deviation from showing up when you lock the fence down. You can tell if a unit has this change by looking at the model number on the tool's nameplate. It should be a JP0610 1 not a JP0610 0.



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      I believe that I have the same question, and I would just like a little clarification. I am assuming that the 45 degree stop problem is the one mentioned in the WOOD Magazine jointer review in the Sept. 2001 issue, where Ridgid's Dave Hazelwood states: "Engineers will add a third stop bolt for the 45 degree setting and eliminate the double-nut stop on the center rod of the JP0610".
      This being the case, can you tell the model number (with the 1 instead of the 0) from the outside of the box, or do you need to open it an examine the nameplate? I am going to be purchasing this unit, and I want to make sure I get the new one with the fix in it. Can I get Home Depot to order a new unit for me, or do I have to hunt around for new stock?

      Harold Gartner


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        Is this going to be available as a retro for the original 610. And if so are you planning to offer it for free like the replacement arbor for I believe it was the 2412

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          By now most of the units in stock at HD should be -1 models not -0, but you will have to open the box to tell. The model name plate is on the back side of the outfeed table.


          If you have a -0 model first check and make sure the problem shows up. The problem only shows up on a small number of units. If you do see this problem please email me directly.



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            Thank you Jake for your help, I installed the repair parts without a problem and it works fine.