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Just got my R4511 - factory refurbished

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  • Just got my R4511 - factory refurbished

    I received my Ridgid R4511 on Friday. It was a factory refurbished unit I got off ebay! I was not able to find any on Craigslist. I've been resisting turning in on so that I have time to carefully aligned it between other things this weekend. I know once I turned it on I won't have "time" to align things right. I have to adjust the 90 degree stop since Wixey says it is 0.03 degrees off. 45 degrees was only 0.01 degrees off. i haven't finished my miter slot to the blade alignment. The stick test says good but I haven't had time to pull out the dial indicator.

    It came on a pallet "right side up" so I didn't have to lift anything. Just put on the fence and power switch. This truely is a sweet saw.

    I wanted to thank all the people that have posted so much about the R4511. It helped me understand my new saw so much better.

    Dan the neutron_geek.

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    Re: Just got my R4511 - factory refurbished

    Congrats on the saw! Would you mind posting how much it cost you? I may sell one of mine, and I am not sure of the market value.

    As for 0.03 degrees off, to put this in context:

    If you were ripping 3 inch thick stock (which the saw would struggle to do, but is possible), then the top of the stock would be 1.5 thousandths of an inch off where the bottom is. I would suggest that the manufacturing tolerance of the steel tube of the rip fence is considerably worse than 0.0015", making this meaningless. Your saw is aligned


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      Re: Just got my R4511 - factory refurbished

      Congrats on your new saw. Did you put a good blade on it?


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        Re: Just got my R4511 - factory refurbished

        I got it for $380 plus shipping. It was still a lot cheaper than a Craftsman 22116 and comes with the built in mobile base.

        They are still selling them:

        I ordered the riving knife that someone is selling on ebay as well.

        If you get one tell them Dan from Knoxville sent you.



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          Re: Just got my R4511 - factory refurbished

          I just got one from EBAY as well. Very pleased with the saw.