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  • Replacement Jointer Knieves

    Hi. I just bought a Rigid jointer and then discovered that Emerson will no longer make them. Neither the parts website or phone number that came with my jointer works. Does anyone know for sure whether replacement jointer knieves will be available and where? Will Ryobi (the new manufacturer I am told) take that job over? Thanks.

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    Jointer knives are no problem. They are available at sears and as far as other parts Brandman(Ridgid) has assured us that the parts and warranty would be honored. By buying before 01 Jan you still have the lifetime warranty. Good luck with your new toy (er) machine, and enjoy. I have been told that other single edged knives as long as the length is corret will work also (Delta etc.) Rick


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      Thanks! Just what I needed to know.


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        Sanford, I'm nosy. What part of the country are you in and what did you have to pay for your jointer?
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          I am in Bozeman Montana and paid $398. I was sort of expecting discounts when the old company stopped making these jointers. That did not happen, so I grabbed the last one (except for the floor model) HD had here in town.


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            I have tried the sears knives. They are dimensional smaller in width and length then the ridgid knives. I measured up both knives with a caliper and was suprised. The sears knives will and do work. I think the Ridgid knives cut better but sears is far more easier to get.