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TP1300LS adjustment

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  • TP1300LS adjustment

    Just started using my TP1300LS planer. It cuts very well, but I'm having problems with in-feed.
    The in-feed table is a tleast 3/16" below the main table. By adjusting the 2 screws under the in-feed table takes the in-feed table out of "paralell" with the main table. Had anyone gone through anything like it? How can I resolve it?
    Please help. Thanks. Michael.

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    Hi Mike,

    If I remember correctly, the end of the infeed table away from the machine has to be on the same plane as the planer table. The fact that the end closest to the machine is slightly below the main table is of no consequence. Mine is like that and it works fine. There's realy no way to adjust this. When you turn the screws, only the far end moves. I think they're all like that.


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      The manual explains how to adjust the infeed to be aligned with the planer table. I know it does not seem to make sense but it works. Follow the instructions in the manual and the planer will function correctly.