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  • Router lifts

    Do most of you use router lifts? If so do you have the newer liftd built into routers are the regular lifts, pretty pricey.
    I would wecome your ideas.
    Thanks in advance


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    I don't currently use one with my Bosch 1617, but I'll probably buy a router that includes one when I move up to a larger HP router rather than buy a lift accessory. As you said, they're expensive.


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      There is a lot of different lifting options out there, all of which cost money. I think you will have to look at how much you really plan on changing heigths of the bit and the amount of use. An above the table adjustment is worth the investment if you consistanly use the router for edging profiles and joinery work. If it's an occasion thing it probably wouldn't be worth it.

      With my hip and knee joint problems, a lift was not an option, but a must must have item. If you decide to to purchase an above the table lift system, do plenty of research to make sure you will be happy with the way it works. Some require slight mods to the router itself by using the routers heigth adjustment.
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