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Rigid Press drill chuck question

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  • Rigid Press drill chuck question


    I haved purchase this press drill, mounting machine and chuck as write in the manual.

    But i have a little problem, i think the chuck is not seated correctly because when i try to drill wood blank stylo with 7mm drill, the hole is lighty oversize for the brass pipe. I ajust table and everything i can think.

    Question 1

    How i can verify the good seating of the chuck.

    Question 2

    Maybe i don't do the installation of the chuck correctly, i following information in the manual of the DP tut maybe there is a better manner to install the chuck.

    Thank you for your advice.

    Excuse my english
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    Steve From Longueuil, QC

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    Re: Rigid Press drill chuck question

    Your English is better than my French!

    wood blank stylo = pen blank

    The only thing I can suggest is to ensure you clean both the spindle and chuck tapers with clean lint free cloth and alcohol. Any dirt/grease will cause seating issues and may cause some run-out. With the chuck off you may want to check the spindle run out with a dial micrometer then seat the chuck (I open the chuck all the way so the jaws are not exposed rest a board against the chuck and give it a wack with a dead blow hammer).
    Put a brass pen blank or other perfectly straight rod in the chuck and measure the run-out again. If there is a significant difference you may have a bad chuck.


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      Re: Rigid Press drill chuck question

      Hi Wbrooks

      I will following your suggest but what's a "dead blow hammer". I have a rubber hammer, this is it.

      The idea for the dial micrometer is fine, i will try this too.

      Thank you for your help

      Steve from Longueuil, QC
      Steve From Longueuil, QC


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        Re: Rigid Press drill chuck question

        Dead blow is usually hard plastic loaded with heavy material (shot), not rubber as they bounce off surfaces that you strike.
        When you hit a surface with a dead blow it does not bounce back
        Here is an example of one


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          Re: Rigid Press drill chuck question

          Ok, i see what's the type of the hamme. I don't have but i get this soon. For the moment i have try with my hammer rubber after i clean my chuck and shaft with alcool. It's the same thing.

          The DP is a new one of the 3 week. I don't can check with dial micrometer because the battery is down so i must get battery for.

          I'm a little bet upset because i have get this for get off the problem when i drill my pen blank but i have always the *(&?&%*( the problem.

          Baf ! I like the machine anyway, i think change the chuck for one keyless.

          Anyway thank you for your advices

          Have a nice summer
          Steve From Longueuil, QC