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  • New Site & Color Complaints

    I am very disappointed by the attitude expressed by many of the posters to this forum in response to Ridgid's new site and color choices.

    First of all, I think the basic concept that they have spent enough time and money to revamp the site, product line, etc, is a great sign. To me it shows that the company is alive and well, and they are making a priority out of serving their customers well.

    As for the change in color - oh boo hoo! Man, I actually do like the new color - my Alma Mater's color was orange. However, it is disgusting that people couldn't look beyond JUST coloring in our favorite Ridgid products.

    What about the REST of the changes they have made to some things.

    First of all, with the newest version of their table saw. My top favorite features is the move to T-slots on the table, and that they have moved the front of the cabinet closer to the front of the saw. Very convenient, in my opinion.

    And what about their new line of hand tools. I for one am VERY excited to see drills, saws, and hand sanders being added to the Ridgid woodworking line. Now, if they just had a belt sander, I would be estatic.

    Lastly, I think we can see from Ridgid that their woodworking tools ARE a priority. Well, my challenge to them now is to see that they follow through. They have made an impressive show with new and revamped products. However, there are a couple of things that they need to follow through with in the next 6-12 months.

    First, they need to actually release new versions of their other big woodworking tools. By this I mean a new jointer, planer, bandsaw, lathe, etc - with acual improvements and not just color changes. The bandsaw design, for one, is several years old and could definately use some updates.

    Secondly, they should consider opening their line up to some new (old) additions to the "big tool" line. I would like to see a new Scroll Saw. And perhaps some other big tools.

    Lastly, the hand tools are awesome. They just need to round out the collection a bit by offering tools such as routers, a belt sander, maybe a dremel-like tool, and so on and so forth.

    Anyhow, just my 6 or so cents on the updates.

    Oh yes, my last bit. Anyone who has to complain about the new site colors is nuts. The site is mostly white with accents in grey and orange. Give me a break.

    Thanks for the changes, Ridgid. I, for one, and maybe the only one, like them. [img]smile.gif[/img]

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    I really love people like you who can't express their own opinion without putting down others who might disagree with you! According to your magnanimus views the people who disagree with you are "disgusting" or "nuts"!

    Oh please forgive me oh great one!

    Personally, I'm neutral about the site format color changes---but, I can well understand those who were more comfortable with the darker background.

    The tool color is rather outlandish----don't care if it is your school colors-----The bandsaw could double for a traffic warning cone!

    But, I do think others can have their opinions without your mark of approval----after all there are enough other problems in this world without spewing venom over tool or web site colors!


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      I don't mean to offend, especially since I have more than once recieved great help from this forum.

      However, I also think it is unfair to criticize me for simply providing an opposing viewpoint on this topic. It seems funny to me, in fact, that you are doing the same exact thing that you are complaining about me doing?

      And as far as my school colors - that was JUST a personal comment and not intended as justification for or against the new Ridgid colors.

      And as far as your criticism - please read these forums a little more closely. I noticed a post in the "Butt Ugly" thread by someone commenting how little the color mattered to him. He gave good reasons why he felt this way. The only thing his opposition in the thread could do was make fun of his mentioning kitchen grease.

      Lastly, as for my use of words such as "disgusting" and "nuts". I simply hope you are big enough to see the real meaning in my post and not petty over verbage. I believe the meaning I impart comes out clear.

      Once again, here is me saying thank you to Ridgid for the great tools. And THANK YOU for working so hard on the new site and the new line of tools. I look forward to seeing what is in store.

      And to all of those whose first response to my post above is to get irritation, please read it again and try to see what I was really meaning.

      After all, that terrible company who has "sold out" on us is still the one that has hosted this board for so long.


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        Dave, you are so right. The guy tells us that we are wrong for criticizing the new site and having our own opinions, then he braks in with his own. A new site is just that, new. A new site does not make anything better, and a new color scheme does not make a tool better. A new color can, however, either turn on, or turn off people. For me, staring at bright orange is a turn off, especially on that new bandsaw.


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          Bunzo---if your typical way of expressing an opinion is to denegrate all those of opposing opinions----well, maybe you should be the one to re-read your posts before posting. When you call anyone who doesn't share your view as nuts or their views as disgusting---well---that's just a tad inflammitory (sarcastic voice on)

          Agree with you that we hope the new tools and other changes will be positive. Doesn't mean you have to like the over-done color.


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            Hey, Cap’n,

            Your argument is weak and hollow. My post starting out “KITCHEN GREASE?” (post #18, at;f=5;t=001642) was clearly intended as humor, and the defense, which you apparently missed, is the next two paragraphs. It in no way attacked the person of fireman. Your closing salvo, “Anyone who has to complain about the new site colors is nuts” however, is clearly an attack on anyone that expresses an opinion contrary to yours. Then you attempt to cover your @$$ by stating “(concerning) my use of words such as "disgusting" and "nuts". I simply hope you are big enough to see the real meaning in my post and not petty over verbage. I believe the meaning I impart comes out clear.”

            You are so correct. The meaning DOES come out clear, that anyone with an opinion contrary to yours is “nuts”. You said it, and words mean things. If you meant to say something else, you should have said it, rather than hinting at it and encasing it in your venom. You simply caught your “nuts” in a trap.
            If it don\'t fit, force it. If it breaks, \'needed fixin\' anyhow. 8{~


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              Well at least we'll all have to agree that the orange color when seen say on TV or in a picture or at a distance will be recognized as a Ridgid tool. Whether I like the color or not doesn't matter. I think that Ridgid accomplished what they were after, recognition.

              [ 09-03-2003, 11:56 PM: Message edited by: VLL ]


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                All I can say is that I am disappointed that those who responded to my message focused more on words like "disgusting" and "nuts" and less on the meaning I was trying to convey.

                Just for the record, I officially apologize to anyone I called disgusting or nuts. I was just very annoyed by the short-sidedness of all of the posts that I was reading about the sight and the new colors.

                I could have expressed those feelings in a less confrontational manner.

                However, I still have to say that people could actually think a little harder about what I had to say. It takes a big person to read past a few inflamatory words and get to the real heart of an issue.


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                  Gee wiz. I just reread my original post and noticed something. Probably 80-90% of it was about the issue - i.e. the new tools and colors, etc. Only the remaining 10-20% was so inflamatory.

                  And yet the only thing people have replied to was that 10-20%.

                  Read harder, folks.

                  Ridgid is the same good company that you liked so much two weeks ago. The same company whose tools have found a home in your shop. The same company whose tools have helped you create a lot of cool projects.

                  I just find it a little bit immature to damn so sufficiently with your words because of, mostly, a change in color!


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                    I've been called disgusting hundreds of times and nuts probably about 20 or 30 times and never once have I taken offense; I always consider the source.


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                      In these threads it is easy to be emotional, and some have shown it more than others. Your post of course, was one of the emotional ones, too. Regardless of the particular viewpoint, someone else may have a differing opinion (as many do here). There ought to be room for disagreement without attack on the individual.
                      I, like you, don’t care if the tools are Orange. In fact, I think that when we get to see the hand tools, I suspect I’ll like them. I’m undecided if I would want that much Orange in my workshop. But regardless how I feel, or how you feel, that decision has been made and is not reversible.
                      It is premature to address the quality of the tools. I don’t know, and neither do you, we have never seen them or used them. I want to believe that they are as good as they say, but I’m not sure that even they know.
                      The website is another matter. Enough people took issue with the site that today Josh adjusted the colors. This may not be the final edition, but note that the forum is two shades of gray, not gray/white. Those of us that expressed our opinions have been heard. Were we wrong?
                      I think the readers of your post saw the entire issue, we just didn’t appreciate being dumped on, especially since it was undeserved. The caustic comments will do little to get others to see or accept your viewpoint.
                      Your other posts have not exhibited such a one-side perspective, so for my part, APOLOGY ACCEPTED. End of issue.
                      Now let’s go cut some wood. This forum will get back to its status quo soon enough. I think I’m going to miss the commotion.

                      P.S. Read your previous post after mine was entered. Yes, it is the same company, but not the company that makes the tools. Sing your praises for Ridgid, but you are still buying your tools from OWT.

                      P.S.S. Interesting that my member rating went down a point concurrent with your post. The stars don't mean anything to me, but if you are the culprit, they say a lot about you. I still accept your apology and forgive you anyway.

                      [ 09-04-2003, 05:19 PM: Message edited by: Deblieux ]
                      If it don\'t fit, force it. If it breaks, \'needed fixin\' anyhow. 8{~


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                        Suppose that's close enough to an appology! Frankly, the whole discussion/subject is far from earthshaking----I looked at it (or at least I did for a time) that at last here was a subject to bat around that no one would get emoutional about!

                        But, Capt., you entirely missed the point (old teacher's voice on)----by the 10-20% that was denegrating, offensive or just plain annoying----you not only got people ticked off---but you blurred your own message!

                        Anyway think we all agree this new company, with old designs, will be interesting to watch.


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                          You need to be able to accept that everyone doesn't think like've effectlively alienated most of the people who have a problem with the changes. Why couldn't you just have said your piece without throwing the rest of us under the bus?

                          I'll be willing to bet that most of the complainers (and I am one) don't have a problem with anyone who disagrees with us, but that we all have a problem with anyone who belittles anyone else on these forums. We call this trolling normally and it's not recieved very well.

                          I'll also bet you say "why can't we all get along" more often than not...well, this is the real world and not everyone agrees...thank GOD for that! I'm glad I don't live in that world!
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                            You know what I think? I think that in my original post, I simply spoke something that was true.

                            The same people that thought Ridgid was a great company a month ago seem to be complaining loudly just because of a new was the business is being structured and some colors are being applied to their tools.

                            I think this is disgusting, or silly, or something else.

                            And I think that when someone points out that our actions are less then admirable, it is easy to get offended and miss the whole point.

                            Yes, it would have been a more effective style of communication to use nicer words to express my point. However, anyone who read my post, got all up in themselves, and missed the whole point doesn't really have much room to talk.

                            Talk about pot calling the kettle black.

                            Anyhow, not that I really know why I am still arguing about this. Probably because it is 5 AM and I have been up all night glueing, sanding, applying wood putty, etc. A little high on the fumes, perhaps.

                            Good night all. Here's a toast to all of our future woodworking projects!