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    Hi, I'd like some opinions on Jet Bandsaws. Are they quality machines? Any other brands I should be looking at?

    I like the Ridgid bandsaws but they don't have the throat size that the Jet has.


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    I've had my JET 12" for two years. Run timberwolf blades and have no complaints about the saw.
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      Which one you thinking of, Michael? I assume not the 12" or 14", since they are smaller and the same as, respectively, Ridgid's machine.

      I have a Jet 18", the model before the current one. It's a nice machine. Running it on 120v is iffy, you're a lot better off planning to put it on 240v. The saw has a smaller resaw height than cast iron 14" machines with riser, some find that a problem. Table is a lot larger than on 14"ers, and much lower. People who are used to the high tables on 14"s can't understand how I don't get a backache on the low table, and I can't understand how they can stand working with the stock so close to their face. All what you're used to, I guess.

      Quite honestly, I cannot recall a single time I actually have needed the (roughly) eighteen inch throat capacity on this saw.



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        Jet does have good tools and a solid good reputation for product support. However, I decided to buy the ridgid bandsaw, and I have not had one complaint. I regularly resaw maple and oak without any balking from the machine. Certainly, Ridgid product support is at least as excellent as is Jet. Besides, Ridgid also offers this site!! Jet doesn't go that far.

        Good Luck,