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Replacement supplies?

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  • Replacement supplies?

    I bought a Ridgid JobMax tool... slick little tool, specifically for it's corner detail sanding capability but now I can't find replacement sanding pads at the store I bought it from (Home Depot) or any other tool supply store in my area. Pads from Dremmel are too big, pads from Ryobi are the wrong shape...

    Any ideas or knowledge out there?

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    Re: Replacement supplies?

    Cant' help you with OEM replacement pads, but what you can do is make
    some from regular sandpaper. Just use an old pad as a pattern, cut out
    from the grit of choice, and use some spray adhesive to attach it to the
    old pad. I've done this with my orbital sander when I ran out of discs and
    didn't want to make a trip to the store.