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R4511, A Different Fence Problem

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  • R4511, A Different Fence Problem

    Much has been posted on fixing a problem some have encountered with their fence. This thread pretty well addresses dealing with that deflection issue. Also see PurpLev's excellent thread on Lumberjocks. This thread concerns a different deflection issue; deflection of the left front rail.

    What happens is that the left front rail is pushed a few thousands of an inch away from the table when the fence is clamped down AND the fence is set within roughly 8" of 9" to the right of the blade. This seems to occur because the left fence locking pad exerts force against the inside of the left fence, but no force is applied to the outside of that rail, Contrarily, while the right locking pad exerts force on the interior of the right rail, force is applied to the outside of the right rail by the clamping cam.

    The lack of any offsetting outside force on the left rail, in this position, may be exacerbated by the fact that the nearest bolt securing the left rail to the angle iron support is located appoximately 3" from the right end of the left rail, whereas their is a bolt withing a half inch of the left end of the right rail.

    Just set your fence for an 8" cut and look down at the joinder of the two fence halves. It only moves a thousandth or two, but enough so that it is impossible to set the fence so that it heels the same at the back of the saw as it does when both pads lock down on the right rail.

    I have yet to find a fix for the problem, but the outward flexion of the left rail's right end is diminished if the cam mechanism is adjusted so that less force is appled to the rails. Mine was really tight and a poster on the other rigis forum linked above warns that too tight a clamping action could damage the thin walled tubing used for the rails.

    Another fix occured while drafting this post. Drill and tap a fence bolt hole about a half inch from the right end of the left rail.

    Of course the ultimate fix is to get a one piece rail, but it's not in the budget.

    I am going to wait to see if anyone has any comments before drilling and tapping that hole.

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    Re: R4511, A Different Fence Problem

    Beings I am not working on the space shuttle, I guess I can live with 1 or 2 thousandths.

    Practicing at practical wood working