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TS2410LS - noisy??

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  • TS2410LS - noisy??

    I use this saw in my 12 x 20 foot shop. First time I turned it on, I was just amazed at how loud it is...!!!! I always wear ear protection when using a table saw (or anything else loud, I play in a rock band), but was surprised at how loud it was, after my direct drive el cheapo Craftsman saw.

    I'm assuming there is a gear drive, which is generating all of that noise. I'm also assuming the racket is normal for a saw like this, which is actually designed for contractor/outdoor use, where the noise might not be as noticeable.

    Are my assumptions correct?

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    Re: TS2410LS - noisy??

    I'm not sure if the 2410 is direct or belt driven... I'm thinking it's direct drive.

    The "noise" as you refer, is probably from the fact that the saw uses a "universal"-type motor as compared to many saws (especially older saws) which use an induction-type motor. Universal motors use "brushes" which are much louder than induction motors. Drills, circular saw, sanders, routers, and most hand-held tools, as well as many lightweight table saws (portables, especially) use universal-type motors.

    Larger table saws and many bench-top tools, like grinders, belt/disc sanders, etc. use induction motors. Induction motors are generally held to 3450 RPM applications (or is that 3650?) and offer good torque and are by comparison (to universal motors) quieter.

    Universal motors are capable of much higher speeds (determined by design) and are also capable of being electronically speed controlled (routers, drills, etc.) But, they are noisier.

    I hope this helps,

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