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3612 still one left in Newport News VA

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  • 3612 still one left in Newport News VA

    I mentioned back couple weeks ago that I purchased 3612 for $295. There is still one left in my local HD. If any one lives near here, I am sure you can get the saw for the same price. it is the HD in Newport News, VA. Just thought I would mention this in case there was someone looking for one in my area.

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    Wow, is this for a new saw? with rip fence?

    That's an amazing deal.


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      Yer, what a great price, I wonder what I could do with a second 3612?? but it's a long way from Freemont or Pleasanton! [img]smile.gif[/img]



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        Yep. This is for a new saw with rip fence and rails. The tag says it is "host bought." Great deal!!


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          I wonder what shipping would cost to Boulder, CO? If I only I could convince Amazon to give me free shipping on this one!


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            I live in Florida and after reading about your purchase for $295 I tried to get that price down here at the local Home Depot. None of the HD's in my area beleived that it was sold for that price.

            I called the one in Newport News to see if it was legit ad it was. I talked to the manager there and she was willing to ship that one to me via HD between store shipping.

            My local HD finally relented and gave me one for $295 and this just a week after my Father-In-Law paid $400 for his. Thanks for letting me know that they were letting them go for that much.

            Lesson Learned: Be persistant, professional and reason with the local HD and they just might give you a price break! [img]tongue.gif[/img]


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              That's awesome Claybo!! I am glad that it helped you out. That is an awesome price and I absolutely love the saw! I hope others can try and get that price!



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                I owe you one noahdaddy! I went to my local HD in Christiana De., they were selling the TS3612 for $351. I told them about the $295 price that you got in Newport News and they agreed to honor that price, plus I opened a HD charge account and got another 10% off the price. I paid $265.50 for the saw and saved enough to get a Dewalt DW723 miter saw stand as well. Thanks again!