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To any one cuting coves on the tabesaw

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  • To any one cuting coves on the tabesaw

    What blade should I use for cutting coves. 24 teeeh or 40 teeth? Thanks

    [ 02-27-2004, 08:39 PM: Message edited by: Andy B. ]
    Andy B.

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    Since coving on a TS is basically a scraping operation, you must make many passes cutting off very little stock each time. That fact makes a smooth cove very difficult to achieve. If you want to do it this way, a really good rip blade is needed. More teeth gives more smoothness. You should mark your cove and remove as much stock as possible with kerfing first, then finish with the blade set for coving. If you are doing this in any kind of volume, I suggest you invest in molding heads.


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      I already have a molding head. I just was intersted in trying it with a saw blade.
      Andy B.


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        In Wood Magazine Sept. 2001 they build a sleigh bed using a table saw to cut the coves. They do not say what type of blade but it looks to be a 50 tooth combo. They suggest cutting 1/8" per pass with 1/16" on the final pass. They also recommend a drill mounted flex sander to smooth out the saw marks


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          I saw a demo of CMT's cove cutting blade ( at the Canadian Home Workshop show this weekend and was VERY impressed with the quality and finish of the cut. It's not offered separately from the set, but the dealer at the show was willing to sell it on it's own for $180 (CAD). If I hadn't spent too much money already, I would have probably bought it, but I'm now going to wait and see if it becomes available on it's own (and for the VISA to get paid off!)

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