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  • New to me 3612

    On Friday I found a used Ridgid TS3612 on our local Craig's List for $125.00. I had it home and in my garage 4 hours later. I was impressed with the quality of this saw. My previous saw was a Delta direct drive cabinet model.

    The first thing my wife said when I turned this saw on was.."Wow! that is really quiet".

    I stumbled onto this forum last night as I was reading more reviews and looking to see how,or even if, other owners dealt with dust collection.

    I guess my first question to this group is:
    What advantage does wiring the motor for 220 volt bring?

    My garage is wired with two additional 220 circuits. If 220 is more efficient and provides a level of increased performance for the saw then I'd be inclined to switch it over.

    What is the opinion of this forum?

    I look forward to reading your comments to this and other questions posted here.


    When I showed up to look at the saw FedEx was dropping off a new toy at the house... a Grizzly G0651. Some boys have all the money.

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    Re: New to me 3612

    The only real advantage IMO to wire your saw for 220V is that usually it will then be on a dedicated circuit. The saw will come up to speed a little faster when on a dedicated circuit but really won't be anymore efficient once it's running. There also is no real operational cost savings when using 220V over 110V. Just because you won't have to worry about blowing breakers if too much is running on the 110V circuit, I'd make the change over to one of your 220V circuits. Enjoy your new saw, the 3612 is one sweet saw (biased opinion ).
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      Re: New to me 3612


      The more I've been thinking about 220/240 the more I'm convinced it is the way I'm going to go. I have the circuits in place it will be a simple matter of following the directions from the owners manual and applying a new plug. All a piece-of-cake.

      How long have you had your 3612?

      What type of woodworking do you do?

      What should I watch out for with this saw? (performance limits - Maintenance)

      Thanks for the quick reply,


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        Re: New to me 3612

        Sorry George no awnsers here for you as I have the TS3650, just wanted to welcome you to the forum. Good people and info here...Pat


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          Re: New to me 3612

          Thanks Pat,

          I've look forward to learning some tips-and-tricks here and taking in the combined experience of the forum members.



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            Re: New to me 3612

            great price on your 3612. i have a lower end model, ts2412, and have always wanted a 3612. regarding the 220 discussion, no power is gained at all vs. 110v configuration. here is the owners's manual for the saw:


            note page 11 that in either set up, the motor is 1 1/2 hp. the amperage draw changes in 220. also, note the change in blade speed relative to the frequency of the supplied power.

            i'm a bit envious of your great find. let me offer you a welcoming "you suck!" that's a great deal on a tool that shold provide you with many years of service.

            lastly, note the lifetime warranty on page 84 of the manual. it is specific to the saw and makes no reference to original ownership. not only did you get a geat tool at an extremely good price, but it carries a full lifetime warranty.
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              Re: New to me 3612


              I felt pretty good about the price...didn't mean to brag..

              Appreciate the "You Suck".. I know I'm connected to the right forum now. I grew up in a tough household. : )