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    Hello all,

    I wish I had known about this forum sooner?!

    To Borderline, I have been doing carpentry and woodworking for 30 years now and 2 years ago, I switched my entire shop over to Ridgid tools. All of my stationary tools (with the exception of my dedicated mortiser) are Ridgid. I have been purchasing the entire line of hand tools as well (little by little.)

    Ridgid's R&D did their homework when engineering all of the tools in the Ridgid line.

    I couldn't be happier or more satisfied with the Ridgid tools. I believe that you will be just as happy with your Ridgid tools as well! Enjoy!!

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      I wollud not get the harbor frieght drill press. I gotane and it started to get too much slop and I called a tool repair abnd they told me that they could not bet parts for it . It is the 16 inch some one is talking about. I also have the dewalt 735 planer is is greatlittle pricey tho. I now have the grizzly 17 inch drill press and it is good. Mikie


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        On the jointer knives, yeah it kind of stinks that HD does not carry replacements in the store. That is pretty stupid. The GOOD thing is that you can pick up a set of 6 1/8" jointer knives in stock all the time at sears regular price 24.99. I just bought another set at my local sears hardware which is going out of business, 30% off. Can't argue with that. Now if I could just figure out how to replace them quickly I will be doing better


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          There is a special offer going on right now to get free merchandise (socket sets, drill bit sets, etc.) when you purchase select air or power tools from John Deere.

          More information can be found here: John Deere Power Tools Offer. The warranty for power tools is 5 years and 2 years for air tools.

          Any questions about the tools, let me know. Thanks.


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            What is your association or affiliation with John Deere, if any?
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              Chuck Hi I'm new to this forum and your's is the first post I've read.
              So your buying all new machines at once,that's great. I did the same the same thing last year. I just decided why buy one at a time, the machines work better as a group,than individually.
              One suggestion would be,tablesaw then band saw. If something has to get left out for now It should'nt be the bandsaw.Just my opinion.
              And definately talk to the manager about a discount. I do it all the time. Gotta stretch that tool buying buck
              HD really should put together home workshop package deals.
              Well Good Luck.


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                Walker1 stated
                HD really should put together home workshop package deals
                I like that concept, if they were to knock off say 20% for package deals they may find themselves with a lot of first time takers, welcome to the forum Walker1.