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    I am in the planning stages of my woodworking workshop. I am reading all I can on the tools that I need/want and most of the Ridgid tools seem to be highly rated. Here is my thought. I need a table saw, Planner, jointer and drill press. At home depot for all rigid items, this would add up to about $1600.00 at current regular prices. Would this be a decent setup and is there any change that home depot might give a discount if all purchased at the same time. If not, does Home depot ever put these items on sale?

    thanks in advance for your opinions and idea.


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    Welcome to the Ridgid forums, I hope you enjoy your visits here as much as I do.

    Regarding your question about your planned Ridgid purchases: in my opinion, I don't think you can go wrong buying the four tools you mentioned, but I'd also balance that by saying that you should read as many of the comments and reviews as you can. One of the influencing factors may be Ridgid's 90-day satisfaction guarantee, their 3-year warranty, and, even more enticing, their new "limited lifetime service agreement", which went into effect April 15, 2005.

    With regard to Home Depot's sale pricing, all I can say is that on occasion there are some good deals. In December, 2003 they had a 20% off all power tools and I, for one, made quite a few purchases. A lot of people were hoping that would be an annual event, but this past December the only thing they had substantially on sale were certain cordless tool sets and my local HD had a heckuva deal on Ridgid 12 gal shop vacs ($30 for the normal $69.97 unit). So, unless you are in a hurry, waiting to see what occurs is sometimes worthwhile. About the only "deal" that I have seen happen with some frequency is 10% "manager's sales" or 10% off with the opening of a new HD credit card account. But of course, you can always talk to the store manager to see if a deal can be had!

    Hope this helps and good luck on the new shop,



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      The TS3650 would be my first choice as far as a contractor table saw goes. As far as the other three are concerned, I think there are other choices out there that will give you as much or more bang for your buck.

      I'm not necessarily knocking the Ridgid planer, jointer and DP as all three are fine tools. However, for close to the same money or less there are other choices to consider.

      I would check out Harbor Freight for a DP. You can usually find their #43389 1HP, 16 speed floor model on sale for around $180. Both the Ridgid planer and jointer have received high marks but IMO the planer is a little on the outdated side. The Delta 22-580 and DeWalt DW734 are, at the very least, worth looking at. The Ridgid jointer has also had little negative written about it but Grizzly has recently introduced a very competitively priced 8" unit that is not that much more than the Ridgid.

      A big gripe that I have with the Ridgid planer and jointer is the lack of local availability of normal wear and tear parts. My local HD has only very recently begun to stock the replacement knives for the planer. They still do not stock the replacement knives for the jointer. It may be a small matter to some but I prefer to be able to pick-up parts like that locally and not have to wait around for the Big Brown Truck to show up. Again, a small detail but one to consider.
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        I'm not sure if this a 'normal' offer at HD but when I bought my 3650 last fall I received a $100 'in store' coupon. The jointer would have netted another $50 coupon if I hadn't gotten in such a hurry to clean up the shop and pitched the UPC bar code - and, no, they wouldn't makean exception and accept the dang receipt and serial number.


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          I moved recently, and when you fill out a change of address form at you get an opportunity to choose some vendors. Well, choose HD and they will send you a 10% off coupon. I do this about every 6 months when my change of address expires anyway.

          HD rarely has a sale, but I have been able to get the store manager to offer me 5% off of big tool purchases if I only ask.

          Good luck,



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            I really don't think that the Ridgid drill press has enough power for a floor model. Would look at Grizzly for a good model.
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              Thanks for all of the replies. I am wavering a bit on the drill press. Looked at the Harbor freight model and it doesn't look to bad, and at $159 the price seems right. I have also been reading up on the Grizzly products. Others are telling me to stick with the Delta planner. I am now a bit concerned reading about the problems with service on the Ridgid equipment. Even though I am a weekend warrior, I still don't want to be without my table saw for over a month if a problem occurs. Looks like more research in my future.


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                I have all four off the Ridgid tools you are contemplating except my TS is the vintage 2424 and all have performed admirably. I also had concerns about the DP being underpowered but when the 20% off sale that CW mentioned came along I was able to pick it up for $180 and so far those concerns have proved to be unfounded. Even though my planer continues to yield excellent results, I agree with Badger that the two speed Delta deserves serious consideration for the same price. As far as a TS is concerned the 3650 would definitely be on my short list, I require mobility and the Herc-u-lift is an excellent bonus feature that the competition fails to compete with. I haven’t taken the time to check out the Sears zip code saws but if they were running one of their highly reduced sales they may be worth the time and effort to check out, they have received many favorable reviews.

                Good luck



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                  I'm going to chime in and agree with the others. I don't believe any one manufacturer produces the best tool in every category.

                  I'm mainly a Delta shop, but I have Ridgid, DeWalt, Jet, Bosch, Makita, etc. tools too (oh and yes the list does include Craftsman). I bought the other brands because Delta/PC did not offer the tool or I thought the other company made a better tool or offered a similar quality one at a better price.

                  I suggest you check out the features/specs of the tool you are interested in buying and then compare the different manufacturers products. I don't get caught up in the warranty issues since I have never tried to enforce one. After comparing specs, try to find a place where you can actually handle the tools. A tool that may get a rave review by one person may not feel right to you because of different physical characteristics.

                  Just my $.02.



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                    Hi borderline ,

                    I have a Ridgid planer and jointer and am very happy with them .

                    My home depot stocks the knives , I am in Montreal Canada , I have read in the forum that it is sometimes hard to get the knives , seems it is harder in the US.

                    I dont know why Home Depot would not stock the knives , but they are not too bright sometimes.

                    I have just bought a new table saw , I went for a General.



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                      I have many ridgid tools, Planer, Jointer, DP, Bandsaw, sander and Miter saw. Very happy with all, but I got them with the lifetime warranty before it changed to 3 year limited.
                      Very happy with all of the tools. No problems.

                      Every tool has special considerations, however. For example, if you like metalworking, I wouldn't get the Ridged DP. It doesn't accept tapered bits, and may be power-limited. Not really a concern for me. I've done metal though, no problem. Since 1/2" is the largest diameter, If I need larger I buy a metal bit tapered down to 1/2" on the back end.

                      The Jointer takes special knives that are 6 1/8", but I bought a set at Sears (Craftsman) which said 6 1/8" on the package, but are actually 6 1/16th, but they work great. I never need a full 6 1/8" anyhow, I could just go with 6". Setting them properly is the only critical factor, not length. You can do nice rabbets with this model also.

                      The bandsaw is the only real critical tool, in my opinion. All others are simply a motor spinning a blade, or two or three. Obviously fences and scales and the like are important also, and the ease of changing blades. A bandsaw however is another matter. It requires not only good construction and balance, but regular adjustment and care.
                      My Ridgid has served me well, maybe becuase I give it regular attention. I've heard some complain about problems with the Ridgid, like vibrations. I do have a little vibration, but not
                      noticable when I'm cutting. Balancing the wheels will help, if you are annoyed. I imagine many vendors having the same issue.

                      The sanding station is just super, being able to change from spindle to belt. But I'd like if the table was a bit larger, and maybe cast iron.

                      The miter saw is a no-brainer. Spinning blade cuts wood. The only item to possibly wear out is the brake, which stops the blade very quickly. Works fine.

                      Planer works great also, provided you have good dust collection. I bought a Jet dust collector for that. 4" port attaches via the dust chute, can't remember if that came with or was extra.
                      Shop vac just doesn't cut it on a planer, you need volume. Keeping chips out prevents poor planer operation, no matter the vendor. If you let the machine spit freely without a chute, it works too, but a heck of a mess to clean. It spits forward quite well. The Ridgid model has a lock mechanism to reduce snipe. Adjusting the infeed and outfeed tables properly helps also.

                      Like I said, my primary factor was the lifetime warranty. If I bought today I'd probably rub a crystal ball or something. Just get in the game.


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                        Originally posted by Vigs:
                        Just get in the game.
                        That pretty much says it all right there!
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                          There are any number of good mfgs. out there, but I wouldn't pick any single mfg. to outfit my shop-----even the biggest name mfg. puts out some dogs.

                          Just a quick comment on the planer----it's a good tool, but antiquated design. For close to the same money, you can get two-speed or models with more knives---which equate to better/smoother cuts. It's just a difference of having more up to date features.

                          The sander is a really neat combination.


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                            I have all of the tools you are considering and I have no regrets. All of them work very well and work very hard.

                            Don't underestimate the need for a bandsaw as well. I purchased a used Grizzly from a friend, but would have considered the Ridgid otherwise.


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                              Ask the manager on duty at your local Home Depot if he is willing to offering any discounts. When I purchased my TS3650 the manager gave me $40 off.