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Planer Carbon Brushes// Noisy Motor

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  • Planer Carbon Brushes// Noisy Motor

    Yesterday my planer started making this horrible squealing sound. I immediately turned it off and consulted the owners manual, thinking maybe a part needed oiling or something. In looking through the maintenence section, I noticed that they recommend replacing the carbon brushes after 50 hours of use. Since I have never replaced them, I figure I should whether they are the reason for the squealing sound or not.
    Here's where I will probably sound like an amateur... What is a carbon brush? Where can I get replacements? How do I go about finding/replacing the part on the planer? The instructions in the manual are a bit vague, and I don't really want to tear apart my planer only to find that I am trying to remove the wrong part! So, any information anyone can share on carbon brushes would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!

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    The brushes are what connects the electric to the motor. They ride on the motor armature. You can order new brushes from ridgid parts and the best discription on replacing them is to look at the parts diagramm in the manual. There are 2 large screw on caps on the sides of the motor. Take them out and you will be able to pull the old brushes out. slip the new brushes back in and replace the caps. I would suggest getting a spray can of electric motor cleaner and rinsing out any dust or dirt while changing the brushes. Make sure the cleaner you use is safe for plastics and non-flammable. When you open up the planer, turn the shaft by hand and listen for the squeel. It does not sound like a noise that the brushes would cause. possibly just dirt in the motor or one of the drive line shafts.
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      Ok, my planer is in pieces, and I have vacuumed out all visible sawdust. I checked the brushes, and they should be good for a while. I hand rotated the cutterhead, no unusual noise was heard. Plugged the planer back in & turned it on and the strange noise is still there. It sounds like a high- pitched buzzing sound on top of the normal planer sound. Cutterhead and rollers seem to be rotating properly, and I can't find anything that might be blocked or jammed. When I turn the planer off, after the sound of the motor & odd buzzing sound dies down, there is another sound which sounds like squeaky metal parts that need oiling. I consulted the manual again, and it said that the motor is sealed and will never need oiling. What other part might need oiling? Or can anyone else think of a reason for the strange buzz?


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        Start by isolating the noise. Try disconnecting the drive belts from the motor and see if it still squeels.


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          Disconnected the belt, and the noise was still present. Sounds to my non-mechanic ears that the noise is coming from inside the motor case.... guess this is probably a service center problem, huh

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            sounds like it, unless perhaps a chip of wood made it into the motor. Maybe blow out the motor with a compressor if you have one. The only other thing I can think of would be the bearings which may require a puller to get them off, if you are not mechanically inclined it may be best to leave bearings to the repair shop, should be warranty though


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              Originally you mentioned a squeel, now your talking Buzz sound. That is the sound of burned armature and brushes not making good contact. You need to clean the armature and replace the brushes now or you will burn out the motor. The collectors need to be cleaned completely. Take the motor off and remove the rear cover. If you can get some real fine emery cloth onto the armature you can clean it that way. Don't want to sand it down, just remove the black burned surface. Should be clean copper. Install new brushes
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                Would opening the motor case void my warranty??


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                  most likely