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    If I were making my first router purchases, I would start with the DW621 (and add a round base plate) and work up from there. I would then add a fixed base router to the collection. I picked up a really clean DW610 at a pawnshop for less than $50. I also have the PC690 and I reach for the DeWalt more often.
    However, most router accessories are made for the PC line.
    Just a shopping hint, pawnshops and ebay seem to have a lot of routers to choose from.


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      Thanks everyone for your input. I'll run by HD and Lowes to check out their stock models tonight and probably make the purchase later this week. I'll let you know how things go. Right now the Dewalt, Bosch and PC are in the running. Any thoughts on which would be suited best in a router table?


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        I bought the Ryobi 2hp RE180PL (the one Woody mentioned for $99) for my first router. Personally, I felt it was my best choice for my budget. Sure, I would loved to have bought a PC or Bosch kit but at the time that was not an option. Besides, everyone says you can't have just one router so for me I felt it was a safe choice. I am pleased with it and, yes, I am a novice. I have used it for roundovers, flush trim, stopped dados, grooves and keyholes with both 1/4" and 1/2" bits.
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          Casey---all good choices. I'd only suggest you check out two things. I have heard some people complain about short travel distance on the DeWalt plunge router----i.e. when in a table, you sometimes can't get the proper bit height---you could easily compare these in the store with a small tape measure.

          Have also read that (and this may have just been a bad run of parts) Bosch had a corrosion problem on some of the exposed metal parts.

          For a table, with the exception of using panel raising bits, you could do nicely with a 1 3/4 to 2 1/2 hp router. For a start, you might consider a router where you could buy a plunge or fixed and later, buy the other base.


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            I too am looking to buy a router to put on a table. I want to do raised panels. I a fixed or plunge base better. Also I am assuming that for panel work I need a 3 1/4 hp router.
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              You may want to consider the Freud 2000 plunge router. It's either 3 1/4 or 3 1/2 HP and readily available for around $180. I just bought one and have been very happy with it. So far its use has been handheld but I do plan on putting it in my router table. Dave

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                One of the biggest things to look for when making the raised panels is the variable speed. You could have a 6 hp router, but without the correct speed, it'll be useless.


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                  I have read some very positive reviews about the new Triton router. It is a 3-1/4 HP, variable speed, plunge router. Made in Autralia I think and recently available in the US.

                  Reviews that I have read claim that it is one of the best routers to mount in a router table... I think based on plunge depth and that bits can be changed from above the table.

                  (Go to and search for Triton)

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