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  • Drill Press Lock

    Hello.....Approx. a month ago I purchased a Ridgid Drill Press to go in my Ridgid workshop and since have not been able to figure out how to "lock" the wheeled drop down mechanism into place. What I mean is, that if I use a sanding drum instead of moving the table up....I would like to use the wheel to bring the chuck and sanding disk down and and lock it into place. Is this even possible with a Ridgid drill press?? Sorry....for the lack of terminology here....and help would be appreciated. Thank you..

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    If you loosen the set screw on the depth dial and spin the dial 360deg (completely once around) about its axis the dial will stop upward spindle travel instead of downward spindle travel at the setting where you tighten the set screw. Hope this is clear and helps.