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  • Biscuit Warning

    Wood Biscuits are a commpressed hard wood. When they are glued into place they absorb moisture from the glue and swell up to tighten the joint. DO NOT leave the jar open that they come in, they will absorb moisture from humidity and swell. This makes the Bicuits unusable. I speaketh from experience!!!! Dan
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    Dan----good point. There was a good article, in one mag' on biscuits----they suggested, first, cutting a slot, and then testing for fit/sorting according to fit----tight ones for aligning glue-up blanks, looser fit for other applications----they also noted the mositure absorbing problem----either tightly sealed in zip-lock bags or in their canister with silca gel pack.


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      they are compressed wood. Put them in a metal working vise and compress them back to a workable thickness.



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        never had to try this but bin told that nukeing them will work too bill


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          I expect that a slow bake at around 225 degrees will work also (but I used the sealed container routine for my biscuits.)

          I had a wood chisel handle that had been falling out for 20 years, no matter what pounding trick I used. So I put it in the oven with a brisket (cooked as only in Texas, all day at very low temp). When the handle was thoroughly dry, one quick tap and it has stayed in place ever since (almost a year now).