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    I purchased furniture from a local store that is made in China. I'm told this is a hardwood found in China. I would like to sand it down and refinish it. Anyone out there have any experience in working with it? How does it sand and take a new finish?

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    I've seen a couple of so called chinese hardwoods. One was from a rubber tree. They seem to sand like any other wood. It definitely needs to be conditioned before being stained, extremely blotchy if it is not.
    They are not attractive woods, in my opinion they are quite ugly. If you are going to paint them then they are fine.


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      I would imagine that in a country as large as China, there would be a great many hardwoods. Some of these, like here in the U.S. might not be truly native to the region. I did a Google search for "hardwoods native to China" and there are a number of hits, but nothing that really stuck out as being highliy informative. However, here is a link that you may find interesting:



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        Thanks CWS, the site is very informative