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Those with the BS1400 bandsaw...HELP!

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  • Those with the BS1400 bandsaw...HELP!

    Stopping by Woodcraft at lunch today and want to get a set of cool blocks. Does anyone know if it takes the 1/2" x 1/2" ones that they claim are for the 14" imports??

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    Yes, 1/2"x1/2".


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      Thanks for the quick response. I'm tired of hearing the constant chink, chink as the welded section passes by the metal blocks that the saw came with. also looking to enclose a small blade for more control, so I think these will work great. (especially for $12. [img]smile.gif[/img] )


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        In case you need more than one set, specially if you're going to totally enclose some of your narrower blades, you might try making a few yourself. I used walnut, but almost any hardwood that you have to hand, cut a pile of blocks and let them soak in a bath of WD40 for a couple of hours.

        They work very effectively, won't last as long as "Cool Blocs" but they fully support the blade. Since they've soaked up the WD40 they keep the blade cool...



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          by gosh ya learnt me somthin cutbuff good id, bill


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            The clinck you hear while the blade joint pass the blocks is not the fault of the blocks. You will also get much the same noise with cool blocks, ceramic blocks, even rollers, just a different pitch of noise. It's a imperfectly aligned weld in the blade at the joint. The ends of the matting serfaces are offset. There is nothing you can do to eliminate the noise, short of replacing the blade, or breaking the weld and having it rewelded.

            Timberwolf blades are inspected, and sold to be true in-line welds. Those that are not, are broke and rewelded. The reason for the slightly more pricey price tag on them. Olsen is also famous for ture inline welds.

            The offset weld does effect the smoothness of the cut. On thicker cuts it's of little matter, as you will joint, then plane the board. However, if your are resawing will be a major waste of wood.
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              Originally posted by Mike3206:
              [QBAlso looking to enclose a small blade for more control, so I think these will work great. (especially for $12. [img]smile.gif[/img] ) [/QB]
              Go check out The Bandsaw Book from your local library. Read the whole thing, cover to cover.

              Concerning enclosing small blades, a suggestion. Cut your own replacement guide blocks from some variety of hardwood. Use the scraps you have sitting around your shop. Think $12 vs. FREE!

              Works very well - a suggestion from The Bandsaw Book. I'd recommend the harder the better, with wood choice.

              Good luck...