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Rockler Beadlock loose tennon jig

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  • Rockler Beadlock loose tennon jig

    I have decided to purchase the Rockler Bead-lock tenon system.
    I also purchased the Bead-lock 3/8" tenon router bit.

    Any of you have experience with this system?
    Any insight will be appreciated.
    I'd also like to know if you use the router bit and
    how you set it up plus what is a good wood [material to use]
    to make my own bead-lock tenons

    Cactus Man
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    Re: Rockler Beadlock loose tennon jig

    I have not used the system but as for the material for your own tenons I would think that you would use the same wood as biscuits. Biscuits are made from beech


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      Re: Rockler Beadlock loose tennon jig

      I received the Bead-lock kit yesterday.
      Here is a quick review:

      It makes the mortise & tenon process very easy and less stressful [for me].
      You simply use a drill.

      I made some test loose mortise & tenon joints and of course the first few were poor....After about three tries I got the hang of it and the concept is pretty slick.

      Yes, you can make mortise & tenons like Norm Abrams does, you can use a router and various jigs, or you can simply use this system.

      Set up time and completing two tenons is less than 5 minutes once you get the hang of the jig. It also has excellent repeatability.

      You have a nice tight fit too [and we all know a tight fit is a good fit]

      I also acquired the 3/8" beading router bit, thus I'll be able to make my own tenons.

      The kit is on sale at Rockler for $98.00 and includes one optional jig.
      You can get the 1/4" or 1/2" jigs including drill bit and stop collar. that alone is another $39.00 [I do not work for Rockler].

      Beware of as they may offer free shipping but READ THE FINE PRINT!!!!! Since we have a Rockler store in AZ I had to pay sales tax [bummer]

      Bottom line is I'll now NOT avoid projects with mortise & tenon type joints.

      Cactus Man


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        Re: Rockler Beadlock loose tennon jig

        Just got it my self. Easy to use right out of the box. I built a ship's wheel using the 3/8" starter kit. I reduced the width of the tenon stock on my bandsaw by two beads to fit the angles of my curve and then drilled only one hole in "A" and two in "B" to create the mortises. The jig worked well clamped into my bench vise and made the task go quickly.