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    what you're saying makes sense, if someone is having difficulty exchanging something so simple(the 3612 wings fiasco), and if they made such drastic changes to an established website that is one of the best I have ever seen, then it makes you wonder about the future from ridgid.


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      You know what guys?

      We need to fully understand that in today's business culture Rick, John, Andy, Dave, Bob and all of the other guys and gals we know by name on this forum really are insignificant. Business does not care about you or me as individuals, it is all numbers. If they think that a change in manufacturing, image, color or whatever will INCREASE the number of $$$ net take then so be it, it is done.

      The days of dealing with the local merchant is over, even at HD. We cannot let ourselves get offended because our specific need or desire is not what Emerson has decided is their business direction. That does not imply that we take it. If there is a better fit elsewhere than that is where we need to go. That is your only voice.

      I do appreciate Norm’s replies about the website, however it clearly illustrates the point.

      When we get the Ridgid Poll up and functioning again, we'll give everyone a chance for a thumbs up or down.
      RixWorx’s feelings do not count. My $$$ count.

      I say all of this because I really enjoy reading everyone’s post about how to tune a TS2424 or why a TP1300 rattles and how to fix that one mitered corner without scraping the $12/bf quatersawn white oak etc. I have not seen much of that on this forum lately.

      I know I am WAY out of line, this is YOUR platform to give feedback to Emerson and you should. I am also double guessing my decision to buy a TS2424 a while back…. Hmmmm maybe I should have bought that …. And I can choose what thread I want to read. Please forgive me for spouting off, I am probably one of the biggest hypocrites here.

      But my point is…. VOTE WITH YOUR WALLET and please continue to teach me how to improve my WW skills, it is my escape from all of the crap I put up with in life and really want to get better!

      Thanks for reading, ……….. let me have it back!
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        Since i don't have much time, i browse this site early in the mornin, 4...6 am. Kinda sucks if I have to find my shades first. Let's see; Coffee, Cigarettes, light,PC, Oh yes sunglasses.:-(
        PLEASE.....go back to the old colors. It was much easier on the eyes.
        What brought the change anyway??? Did someone actually ask for these colors??
        If it ain't broke......don't fix it. Ya must have more important things to be workin on.
        <a href=\"\" target=\"_blank\"></a><br /><br />I can fix anything......where\'s the duct tape ?? :-)


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          You originated this thread with the question, Does this forum have a new look?, and if you follow the posts here, every entry has been on the topic of the appearance of the new color scheme. What is inappropriate with that? The posts here have nothing to do with commercial impact, just how we, the users of this forum are reacting to the website.
          It is true that the "99 regulars" and some of us newbies will not significantly impact the millions of dollars of sales generated through 1600 HD's and the rest of the commercial outlets. The Marketing Dept may watch us as a bellweather of trends, but they make their decisions based on a lot of other issues that will help them to create recognition and capture market share.
          The forum, however, gives those of us who care a chance to react, and applaud or blow off steam. Right now there are those who are angry, those who embrace the changes, and some who just want to have some fun with the comotion. It is no different than lunch room chatter about corporate policy change. It will have little, if any impact on change. Some may quit, but most will loose interest in the controversy and then move ahead. It will happen that way here, in it's time.
          I embrace this discussion about the forum, and believe that Norm and Josh do too. I believe that they want to see forum adjusted to meet the needs of the users, and just trust that they will see that the new appearance within the forum NEEDS TO GO THE WAY OF NEW COKE!! [img]tongue.gif[/img]
          If it don\'t fit, force it. If it breaks, \'needed fixin\' anyhow. 8{~