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  • MS1290

    I purchased a MS1290 a bit ago and I noticed there is a MS1290LZ available. My question, Can I install the laser on my unit? And are they accurate / worth the money?
    Has anyone done this and what would the rough cost of the laser?
    Thanks in advance.

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    IMO the laser isn't worth the money. I don't know that it is offered separately for that saw but beware since it replaces the outer washer that if you buy one it secures the blade correctly. Lasers all read off to an extent and thus leave some adjustment on the users part. After a number of cuts the laser can get blurred by saw dust on the lens. Learning how to measure and mark moulding is what works best. You need to know what edge, ceiling or wall goes against the fence and for which side of the corner you are making the cut.


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      The old style RIDGID miter saws will not accept the new laser discs.
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