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3650 motor trouble

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  • 3650 motor trouble

    Hi all,
    Great board. I've been reading different posts, before I actually registered, and this led to my purchasing a TS3650 table saw. I just finished assembly (2 days) and eagerly plugged the saw in and hit the go switch and noticed EXCESSIVE motor vibration. It runs for about twenty seconds, heats up and throws breaker(on the motor). The belt looks like it is way too loose, but I dont believe the tension can be adjusted. I even took the belt off and ran the motor itself, and with the motor hanging by its own weight there is alot of vibration, but if I pick up the motor and support it it's vibration free. It still heats up and shuts off though. So, other than telling me I should've bought a 3612, does anybody have any good advice? I sure appreciate any ideas you guys may have.

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    It looks to me like you have two problems. The first is you probably have a defective motor. HD should replace it for you. The second is the excessive vibration which is probably caused by the belt being too loose or it could also be caused by the bad motor. The weight of the motor should keep the belt fairly taut. You can slide the motor in and out on the rails that attach it to the saw. Hope you get your problem solved soon so you can start making sawdust.
    "Did you put the yellow key in the switch?" TOD 01/09/06


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      Sounds like a motor problem is my first guess. 2nd would be pulley alignment. I would focus on the motor issue first though because that would be simplest fix from what you are describing. If it's blowing it's circuit, my guess would be obvious manufacture defect. Being that Home Depot is an exclusive distributor of these saws and the company is under new manufacturing / customer service structure, I would insist on getting a motor swap out or tell them you will return saw. You should solve this problem as quickly as possible. I would hate for you to get held up by customer service possibly miss 90 day return window if you are unhappy. I think that they will give you a new motor if you let them know you'll return saw without it.

      Let us all know what your experiences are from their servicing.



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        Well, first of all, thanks to all who answered my distress call. After realizing that not only was the breaker tripping, the saw was never coming up to full rpm. Soooo, off the motor came and back to HD I went. Much to my surprise, they were very willing to help. Since they did'nt have any saws in stock, they let me take the motor off their floor model. Im sure it had never been started. I put it on tonight and the saw runs GREAT! No vibration and up to speed instantly. Even made a little dust before heading back to the house. Thanks again for the response.


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          As the kids say, "Totally awesome dude". Two reports of great CS from HD in two days! What are they trying to do, ruin their reputation? Hope you enjoy your saw for many years to come and if you have any more problems or questions, the guys on this board are always anxious to help.
          "Did you put the yellow key in the switch?" TOD 01/09/06


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            Woodfitter---Just for future reference, about the only thing that can affect belt tension is if the pivot (which allows the motor to swing up and down) is too tight, restricting movement.


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              I seem to recall that the TS3650 manual was a little confusing on adjusting the motor when installing it on the saw. The part about how far to slide the two rods out and lock them down didin't make sense to me, had to read it a couple times. Could be giving others trouble too with their setup.

              I also found during setup that many of the bolts that one does not need to turn/adjust during assembly were loose. I suggest that people putting together a new saw check every nut and bolt to ensure they are tight.