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    I just pruchased a TS 2400 table saw with the work and haul cart. It seems to be the answer to portability when the table saw is required on a handyman type job. I own a Craftsman table saw that I bought back in 1956 and is in exellent condition except that it is very heavy. I just found that I can replace the fence with a rigid retrofit fence. Is this similar to the fence thats on the TS2400? I'm considering keeping the work and haul cart and using the craftsman saw with a new fence. Not sure that is the best solution considering old verses new and the weight problem. I'd appreciate any comments.

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    The retro-fence kit is more like the fence on the TS2424 which is functionally similar to the TS2400.

    A couple things to keep in mind if you are thinking about mounting the craftsman saw to the Work-N-Haul It. First if you old Craftsman is a belt drive, you will have to remove the motor every time you need to pass through a doorway. Second, though the rated weight of the stand is 300 lbs (well above the weight of the Craftsmen), I think you will find it difficult to fold and unfold the stand with that large of a saw on it.



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      Thank you Jake for the input on my old craftsman saw and adding the new fence. I didn't think about the space taken up by the belt driven motor, that's a good point. I was planing to use it on the work and haul it but since I've used the new rigid saw on a job site I really like it. I will probably buy the retrofit fence for the craftsman as I am pleased with the fence on the Rigid saw. Thanks again for your comments.
      Bob Doucette