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Can lithium batteries be fixed?

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  • Can lithium batteries be fixed?

    I've found that when my 18V. Nicads go "bad" it's usually only one or two cells inside that are bad. I've been replacing them for years with great results. Can I do the same with lithiums? Also, can an expert tell me how to get the 24V. apart---the 18Volts are easy? I took all the bolts out, but the pack doesn't seem to separate.
    Thanks, Jeff

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    Re: Can lithium batteries be fixed?

    Why are you repairing these things yourself, they're covered under warranty and under the Limited Lifetime Service Agreement.... OR, didn't you register you tools?

    If not, take a "lesson learned" and make sure you register them from now on.

    But, to answer your question, I think they can be repaired in a similar manner as the NiCads. Except, there are safety concerns with Li-Ions, as improper assembly can render the batteries dangerous and at risk for fire or explosion. For that reason, Ridgid may have designed their assembly to prevent tampering. That's only a guess of course.

    Hopefully someone will have experience with these and post.

    Sorry I can't be more helpful,



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      Re: Can lithium batteries be fixed?

      I received two used 24V. batteries as part of a tool combo on Ebay, so no warranty involved, I don't think. Both charge to about 21 volts, so I'm guessing most of the cells inside are good.


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        Re: Can lithium batteries be fixed?

        It was my understanding that only batteries that were purchased in kits were covered under the LLSA. Batteries purchased separately are only covered by the 3 year warranty.



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          Re: Can lithium batteries be fixed?


          You are correct... batteries that are purchased seperately are NOT covered under the LLSA and therefore cannot be registered.

          However, when batteries that are part of the tool purchase are registered, they are covered under the LLSA and when the time comes to have them replaced via the Service Center, on must then register the new replacement battery. It is my understanding, that is done by calling the Customer Service number and providing them with the serial number of the replacement battery, so that they can update the LLSA records.