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How Much Glue is Enough

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  • How Much Glue is Enough

    I have a question that I keep encountering with projects that I have been working on.

    How much glue is enough?

    I am talking about standard yellow woodworking glue - Titebond or Titenond II. And in lots of different scenerios.

    For instance, when I was edge joining some 2/4 cherry recently, I would put a nice coat of glue on both edges before clamping it together. Is this necessary, or is one side enough?

    And how about glueing shelves into a dado or whatnot. Do I need to coat both parts with glue, or just one part.

    Any light that can be shed onto the topic of the how much glue is enough would be greatly appreciated.

    I don't want to:

    1. Not put enough glue
    2. Use too much and waste it / be constantly wiping it up.


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    Generally, when i glue up panels, the thing to watch is your squeezeout. If you get a lot of excess glue to squeeze out, then you used to much.
    I generally only apply glue to one edge, a nice even thin coat. Havent had a failure yet.

    Had panels split because i fastened them to well, they have to expand and retract with the weather, but never on a joint !!

    TiteBond......Good choice

    have fun
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      I always put glue on both sides, using experience to not put more than will be squeezed out. The only times I had failure is when the joint was dirty or had a little finish still still on it. Never had failure when the surfaces are prepped correctly.


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        Suggest that you try this: Put glue on just one side. Make the test on a large glue-up so it has time to dry or absorb into the wood. Clamp it briefly, then take it apart before it sets.

        Look closely at the "dry" side of the joint. If it is still dry over part of the area - say 10% - then your joint is only holding by 90% of the area. It is probably secure, but only 90% as good as it could be.

        I have found occasional dry spots. So I now brush glue on both sides of a joint, just to be sure. Like suspenders and belt. And I don't worry about wasting glue (outside of the effort to clean up the squeeze out), since a small bottle may cost a few dollars, but the gallon size only costs about $12.